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June 13, 2022

The Republican Study Committee’s FY2023 Budget includes three of Congresswoman Boebert’s bills: the Protecting American Energy Jobs Act, the 30 x 30 Termination Act, and the Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert stated, “The Republican Study Committee’s FY2023 Budget is laying the groundwork for substantive policy in a conservative majority. My Protecting American Energy Jobs Act reduces gas prices, repeals Biden’s job-killing mandates, ensures reliable and affordable energy supplies for future generations, and fosters economic growth and job creation in rural communities. Additionally, my 30×30 Termination Act halts the largest federal land-grab in history and protects private property and private water rights. Finally, my Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act stops the federal government from using vulnerable children suffering from gender dysphoria as lab rats and experimenting on them with dangerous drugs used in chemical castration procedures for sex offenders, irreversible hormone treatment, and life-altering sterilization procedures. These three bills are a priority for conservatives when we are in the majority and I look forward to Republicans doing something Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi have failed to do⸺pass meaningful legislation that provides results for the American people.” 


The Republican Study Committee’s Budget provides positive, conservative policy solutions to benefit future generations of Americans. Three of Congresswoman Boebert’s bills are leading the conservative agenda and were included in the Republican Study Committee’s FY2023 Budget.

1. Protecting American Energy Jobs Act

Congresswoman Boebert introduced H.R. 859 to reduce gas prices, ensure reliable and affordable energy supplies, and foster economic growth and job creation in rural communities. 

The Protecting American Energy Jobs Act would:

  • Nullify Biden’s job-killing energy executive actions by ensuring Executive Order 13990Executive Order 14008and Secretarial Order 3395 have no force or effect; 
  • Prohibit future unilateral energy and mineral moratoriums by presidents on federal lands and in federal waters and require congressional approval for actions that prohibit or delay leases and permits for oil and gas, coal, hard rock and critical minerals; 
  • Prohibit future unilateral withdrawals of federal lands and federal waters without congressional approval; and 
  • Strike Section 12(a) authority to prevent presidents from arbitrarily implementing offshore energy moratoriums for political reasons.

2. 30×30 Termination Act

Congresswoman Boebert introduced H.R. 3014, the 30×30 Termination Act, to block Biden’s plan to lock up 30% of all public and private property and water by 2030. Biden’s 30×30 plan is the largest federal land grab in history. According to the Department of Interior, 12% of land in the United States is “permanently protected” and 23% of water in the United States is “strongly protected.” Therefore, to reach its goal, the 30×30 initiative must lock up an additional 681 million additional acres in the next 8 years.

For context, the federal government already has 111 million acres locked up in wilderness status and owns more than 640 million acres. Even if every acre of federal land were designated wilderness (which is not possible given expansive federal facilities like military bases, etc.) the federal government would still need to lock up 40 million acres of private land to reach its goal. For comparison, 40 million acres is almost the size of North Dakota.

Congresswoman Boebert’s 30×30 Termination Act puts a stop to Biden’s land grab by:

  1. Nullifying Section 216 of Executive Order 14008 which contains the 30×30 program. 
  2. Prohibiting federal funds from being spent to carry out the 30×30 program, the report in Section 216, and any substantially similar program.  
  3. Ensuring no net-loss of non-federal land in counties and states that already contain 15% or more federal land. 
  4. Ensuring no net-loss of multiple-use activities in states unless such action has been authorized by Federal statute. 
  5. Prohibiting withdrawing federal lands from mineral development without congressional approval. 
  6. Prohibiting unilateral 30×30 designations under the Antiquities Act in counties and states that already contain 15% or more federal land.

3. Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act 

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s H.R. 5894, the Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act, prohibits tax dollars from funding sex change, sterilization, chemical castration, and puberty-blocking procedures for minors suffering from gender dysphoria. Dr. Fauci’s NIH is running cruel experiments and studies on vulnerable children suffering from gender dysphoria. Since 2015, the NIH has spent $7 million on sex changes, artificial hormone injections, sterilizations, and chemical castrations on youth as young as eight-years-old suffering from gender dysphoria.

Congresswoman Boebert’s Protecting Our Kids from Harmful Research Act would put a stop to this systemic child abuse being funded by taxpayer dollars.

Additional Background:

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert is actively working to create policies that Republicans will lead on when they take the majority in the House. House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy appointed Congresswoman Boebert to serve on the Future of American Freedoms Task Force to develop legislation that sustains the American dream for future generations.

Congresswoman Lauren Boebert serves as an Ex-Officio Steering Member on the Republican Study Committee.

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