By Linda Sutter – January 22, 2016 –

Whhaaat???  Yes!  Now if you call 911 once the Sheriff department arrives, they will decide whether or not your call is

  1. worthy, or
  2. false in their eyes, or
  3. cuff you up and take you to book and release, letting the intruder go.

So is the case regarding a Correctional Sergeant from Pelican Bay who called 911 when an intruder pounded on his door, on his windows, rang his door bell several times, asked the intruder to leave, and when the intruder failed to do so, called for help from the Sheriff’s department.

It was in June 2015, when Chelsea Scribner received a late text from her ex boyfriend that he was driving from Eureka to Crescent City to see his daughter. Mrs. Scribner texted back and stated, it will be after 9 when you get here, do not come, you are more than welcome to come in the morning. But, Andrew Littlefield was not taking “NO” for an answer. He arrived at the Scribner’s residence at 9:20 pm.

Andrew Littlefield has a propensity for violence and had pushed Chelsea down when she was 7 months pregnant, then threatening her with a shotgun that he owned. Now he was on her property, which is in a pretty secluded rural area where it is dark. There are children and a newborn in the home. Mr. Littlefield is not alone he has another maniac with him named Dude Manville.

Mr. Littlefield had poor intentions in arriving, especially since he had been told not to come so late at night. He video taped him and his friend harassing the Scribner’s by alarmingly pounding on their doors, pounding on their windows, and continuously ringing the doorbell.  Finally, Mr. Lance Scribner answers the door to Dude Manville’s, “Is Chelsea home?”

Mr. Scribner says yes, but she is not available, it is too late, and shuts the door. Manville begins pounding on the doors and windows and ringing the doorbells over and over. Manville is asked to leave but refuses. It is getting dark. The children inside are crying and scared. So, what do you do in that scenario?

You call 911 for help.

Del Norte County Sheriff’s Deputy Gill responds to the call. At gunpoint he asks the two men to get away from the house. Manville says, “You don’t understand what is going on here.”

Gill orders him away from the door, apparently felt threatened by the lack of cooperation from the two men who were harassing the Scribners, and called for backup.

Here come the troops. Littlefield and Manville were detained in the patrol car. Then Deputy Gil questions Lance Scribner in regards to what had happened. Mr. Scribner told him what occurred. Without a blink of an eye, Deputy Gill places Lance Scribner under arrest for falsifying a report. BOOM!


Oh, and then places “that call” to the prison.


An investigation is conducted by Special Service Unit, Matthew Buechner, (Criminal Misdemeanor  #15-9237) who writes,

  • “The Del Norte Sheriff Office has an easy to document record of over charging Pelican Bay Staff. My opinion is based on my Tenure at Pelican Bay State Prison in the Special Service Unit is the charging Office Gill wanted to make an example of Mr. Scribner because he was a correctional Sergeant.”
  • Buechner goes onto say, “I have filed and charged numerous felonies in numerous counties, I do not know of one county who would charge and book a misdemeanor not attached directly to a felony. In this particular case the arresting Officer, Gill, should have completed his investigation then submitted for warrant. I am confident the warrant would not have been ratified by a magistrate.,simply for not meeting the elements of the crime as Mr. Scribner did not knowingly file a false police report.”Things that Buechner took into consideration for stating this were based upon the 5150 holds on Littlefield, and the Brady history of Deputy Gill.“ What Deputy Gill has done is throw away the safety and security of this community and given support to a non resident (Reno, Nevada) with less than legal intentions by aiding in the harassment of the Scribners.”
  • During the video presentation, clearly Manville became argumentative with law enforcement. Littlefield was placed in a patrol car for questioning, and Prosecutor Zocchi keeps all of this information out of the court room through Evidence Code 352.
  • The question is why?

  • Also what is not revealed to the court was the fact Deputy Gill held Littlefield and Manville at gun point and had become angered at the both of them when they failed to cooperate.Deputy Gill has a reputation of heavy handedness as well as a reputation for bias against Correctional Staff who attack is credibility.The bottom line is this folks, we rely on our police force in times of trouble. What we don’t need is a police force whose officer’s lack the maturity to wear a badge and who do not have the wherewithal to understand how to conduct a simple investigation, or to speak professionally to the public.Mr. Scribner was arrested at his home when he called 911 for help. Mr. Scribner had a right to call for help because it was dark, he lives in a rural secluded setting, he had children and infants and others in his home; AND because two men who have violent propensities toward others refused to leave his property when asked to do so.
  • I ask the public, “Are you happy to have your tax dollars pay for these types of services from the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department?”


  1. Scribner, Buechner and the rest of CDC yahoo’s aren’t even cops. Over paid babysitters. Buechner never been on patrol or even arrested somebody. Unless they are CDC parole WOW. That’s like saying a fisherman saying he caught a fish out of a fish tank. If scribner was “innocent” why did he take a plea? Because if he took it to trial he would have been found guilty. CDCR needs to tell it’s officers they are joe blow citizen on the street and keep there attitude at their place of work. Stop driving to and from work wearing your uniforms you look like fools.

    P.S. stay on your meds Maietta.

  2. No, he did not plead guilty to any charge. A plea of no contest was entered under People v West to pc 415(2) an infraction.

  3. So Gil arrests Mr. S (Scribner)for dialing 911 for “back-up” when Littlefield & the Dude
    refuses to leave his property and Littlefield, the father of a girl (Is this the baby Ms. S
    was pregnant with June 15th when the 5150 (danger to self-doubt it or danger to others-pushes a pregnant woman down and threatens her with a shot gun-bingo!) Why is a kook and his buddy, Dude, allowed any where near a child without that child having back-up, Mr. Gill? You arrested Mr. S. for doing exactly what you did. And the prosecutor pulled the 352 evidence card. Linda, Get that judge from the state bar who wrote Alexanders brief. We need the new people friendly sheriff, also. Tell them the public has some questions. Mr. Gill, how in the hell did you get Officer placed as a title in front of your name? The only title you are qualified to wear could come from the solid waste, or the recycling center, or the Waste Water Treatment Plant.You would be working with inadament objects, garbage, toxins, cans, bottles, card board, paper, or poop. You do not have to deal with emotions, or have people skills, that you truly do not understand. Never accept a title from any organization that you would be in contact with Human Beings. And never, ever if a child is involved. With your history of retaliation somebody thought you would do well in a career where your “tools of the trade” are weapons? Guns, rifles, tazors. Who hired you? Does that person realize you do not have the capacity to decipher what minimal force is and does not always require a gun. Do you feel stronger when you manhandle a cuffed person. Or discuss boundaries with an offending person at gun point?
    Guess what! Littlefield should not have been released. He was a 5150. A 5150 is a mandatory hold for up to 72 hours. Only a psychiatrist can discharge or admit a person to or from a psch. facility. Even though the grand jury investigated the mental health care offered by DNC years and years ago and public health ordered DNC to provide mental health care they have never complied.They figured they could lease a building on K street, have a psych care worker who may or may not be licensed, run a group would meet the requirements (not really!) of “PROVIDING” mental health care. What the county’s real goal was to lease a building from one of their own for $2,000,000 for twenty years. When the state comes to question “What the hell is this”? You said you had a psych. facility. Martha will get tears in her eyes, Hemmingson will make some joke and Finnigan will remind the state that he dines at the capital. But they are all laughing all the way to the bank. They play the “we are poor” card. They only hire people who know the DNC rules, their partners in crime. You notice no one ever gets fired. They just change job tiles. Is anyone qualified for the jobs they perform? That’s why they hire the required work to be done from outside the county. Plus the do not have to be bothered with the responsibility of accountability.

    This is just a poor dumb county.

  4. Hi Maggie,

    all the details were laid out in the court file, and that was where I received the information reported…so I think the sheriff should answer some questions about his staff who have a chronic brady history. And, maybe the District Attorney…

  5. Buechner says “I am confident the warrant would not have been ratified by a magistrate.,simply for not meeting the elements of the crime” but the county attorneys charged him indicating that the elements were met? Why would they do that? Is this a multi agency conspiracy? something smells. Its either a mass conspiracy or we are not hearing all the details.

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