Wed. Sep 30th, 2020

During the city council meeting on August 1, 2011, while discussing the presentation about the homeless people in our city, Council member Kathryn Murray made the comment that in regard to water fluoridation, homeless children are a good reason to keep the program in place. I was stunned and appalled by her statement. Early in May, I had presented the entire city government with an extensive review of facts concerning fluoridation and specifically, the chemical we use to fluoridate: a toxic industrial waste called hydrofluosilicic acid. One piece of the information provided was about a peer reviewed, published study showing that adding hydrofluosilicic acid to public water more than doubles the lead levels in children’s blood. She would rather harm the health of these homeless children than admit she was wrong about fluoridation being safe.

In the information provided to the city council regarding our fluoridation chemical, hydrofluosilicic acid, they were also informed that there are no studies showing hydrofluosilicic acid is safe for all to consume or effective at reducing cavities. They have, and still do, rely on unqualified and uneducated endorsements which have no basis in science and are unable to show any studies to prove. It’s basically a "some people say" argument being used instead of honest and careful study. I find it appalling, even dangerous, that an elected representative has no more critical thinking ability than to rely on such endorsements. If this is the best she can do she has no business making such critical health decisions for the rest of us.

Council member Kathryn Murray: do your homework on this issue. You will be asked to provide proof of any claims you make in the future, as will the rest of the council or any public official or health professional making unsubstantiated claims about hydrofluosilicic acid. And Kathryn, "because my doctor and my dentist say so" is not proof. If that’s the best you can do you should probably keep your mouth shut. The fact remains: there are ZERO studies showing that hydrofluosilicic acid is safe for humans or animals to consume. There is ZERO proof that it reduces the incidence of tooth decay. There is, however, published proof of its harm. No matter how much lipstick is applied to this pig, it’s still toxic industrial waste and that’s a FACT.

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