Sat. Nov 28th, 2020
In 1999, Councilman Keith Beier, from city of Escondidto had this to say about "fluoride" also known as FSA – fluosilicic acid:
"I wasn’t elected to sit idly by, or to provide political cover, for
state legislators that rubber-stamp industry’s attempt to recycle
hazardous waste by dumping it into our drinking water," said
Escondido Council Member Keith Beier.
"Our water department calculates that we would be buying more
than 33 tons/year of a substance that can’t be given to us for free
because it is classified as a toxic hazardous waste; yet, we are
supposed to accept that, if we pay $0.35 per gallon and they slap a
new label on the container, this same toxic waste can be shipped to
us untreated, directly from the scrubber systems of the phosphate
fertilizer industry that they use to keep fluorine from becoming
airborne and killing everything in sight, and that on the truck-ride
here it will magically be converted to a safe and desirable nutrient."
"The kicker to this scheme is that the amount intended for the
targeted children is only 16 pounds of that 33 tons."
                                                      Councilman Keith Beier
                                                      City of Escondido, California
                                                      Council Meeting,  March 24, 1999.

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