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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – March 30, 2022

With almost predictable regularity, local public health continues with
its “Covid” update program which most local residents would rather it be
relegated to the nearest toilet.  Influenza, counted on to bring a
regular seasonal outbreak to nearly every community on the planet never
elicited such overwhelming concern or hysteria.  Influenza mortality and
even vaccines never rose to the level of the frenzy encountered over the
Covid-19 experience. Local Public Health Officials were never granted
the power to dictate that which has been recently assumed by out local
“Prince” Dr. Aaron Stutz.  At what point is the finger wagging over the
virus going to cease?

The latest version of Stutz’s nearly weekly report is as follows.  Nine
new cases reported to Public Health, none requiring hospitalization. 
Twenty two cases overall, again none requiring hospitalization.  The
“death” toll stand at forty eight, one experienced last week.  No
details as to what the one death might have been the result of…. 
Testing, “vaccinations” and monoclonal antibody therapy still to be

With the recent admission by most of the Covid porn outlets and
dictators, “We must learn to live with the virus, as it is endemic.” 
Still the various lords and ladies in the land are loath to give up
their powers of command and control.  Clearly Lord Stutz is eagerly
anticipating the next variant of Covid to burst on the scene which will
enable him to resume him crown over his minions and justify the rather
generous compensation package offered for this part time gig.  The
question now becomes at what point will the obvious dawn on the majority
of the population that this has been completely unnecessary from the
outset.  There was never the science or the intent to protect the
population with the policies that were utilized to rebuff the Covid
virus.  There still isn’t, and clearly nothing has yet emerged to do so
other than treat it the same as Influenza has been treated for decades.

There is a mountain of evidence that Lord Stutz is redundant and should
be turned away for a more responsible voice at Public Health.  The
Pandemic is clearly over, and virus response has entered a new phase
that should represent what has worked in the past.  Testing should be an
option only for those that are fearful of the invisible.  “Vaccination”
should return to becoming a choice.  Serious investigation should take
place for those that “pushed” this nonsense and made billions from that
exploitation. Those Public figures and the media should be censured and
humiliated for their malfeasance and exploitation of a health related
event that was hyped to rarefied heights of the absurd….   Lord Stutz
needs to go…..

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