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The 3 Stooges try publicly flogging Sup. Gitlin cuz of complaint by “House of Felons” and their landlord

Opinion Piece By Linda Sutter – September 13, 2017 –  At the Sept 12th Board of Supervisors (BS) meeting,  very typical in some respects; three of them voted to jeopardize the financial health of this community, because we have to pay back nearly $100 grand in interest for the airport terminal we can’t afford (Finigan’s Folly)…which does not give the county money to do other much needed projects….go figure…one fellow at the meeting, Greg Bianchi,  stood up sternly and gave them all the what for… and then there was the public flogging by the 3 Stooges, Howard, Hemmingsen, and Cowan against Sup. Roger Gitlin because he asked questions regarding the Oxford House Sequoia which resulted in 2 complaint letters against him. 1 of the letters was signed by 5 of the residents.  The other (self-serving) complaint letter was signed by the owner of the property, Donna Hopkins:

Very interesting meeting.

Let’s look at the complaint letter signed by 5 of the residents. Their names were not redacted by BOS Chairman Chris Howard so it’s all part of the public record which guarantees NO ANONYMITY.














Well,  folks, let me remind you that those 3 aforementioned sups voted to give $26,000 of taxpayer money to the Oxford House Sequoia for their rent for the year….and 5 of those girls who live there wrote a complaint against Supervisor Gitlin for asking hard questions (requested by his constituents to find out what the hell was going on) about this new facility smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood and designed for drug and alcoholics….yes those women who filed a complaint… I did some court room homework on them….let’s go through their other public records shall we?

29 year old Wendy Paritsky

Wendy is an Oregon resident, but after receiving several charges in Del Norte County is our resident. Sweet. She is a habitual Criminal repeat offender; drugs, alcohol, burglary, theft Larceny, probation violation, and has court this Friday, Sept. 15th, for a felony charge of yet another burglary…she lives in the Oxford House Sequoia without supervision of any officer and freedom. Chris Howard will defend these convicted felons even though in the same breath and just moments before he touted, ” PUBLIC SAFETY IS MOST IMPORTANT TO HIM AS SUPERVISOR.” Interesting, don’t you think?  I think he’s full of BS and talks outta both sides of his mouth.

Next we have Tisanche Warren

Tisanche is a 34 year old woman who has felony DUI charges as well as a hit and run. She is currently on 5 years probation, served 5 months out of 9 months in the county Jail and runs freely at the Oxford House Sequoia without any supervision. Can anyone tell me how these two are credible witnesses against Roger Gitlin who has done public service for the last 5 plus years, without any convictions?  You know how to tell when a Felon is lying? Their lips are moving.

Kayla Horne

27 year old Kayla also signed the complaint against Roger Gitlin. She served 60 days in County for drug related charges and currently serving diversion for one year. Of all the ones who are at the Oxford House Sequoia, she is the one that looks most hopeful but only time will tell.

They also made a report with the Sheriff’s office, but no one from the Sheriff’s office ever contacted Sup. Gitlin, charged or arrested him. Landlord, Donna Hopkins, also sent a copy of her complaint letter to the FPPC. Seems like Del Norte County is going to keep the FPPC very busy what with complaints for Conflict of Interest against Sup. Lori Cowan’; and now trumped up complaints against Sup. Gitlin for doing his job.

Meanwhile, 2nd District Sup. Lori Cowan ( not in Oxford House Sequoia) was placed on FPPC Calendar for September 21st at 10:00 am on their agenda located at 1102 Q street, Suite 3800 in Sacramento California for a Fair Political Practice Commission violation hearing for failure to report economic interests on her 700 Form. As I was reading her charges she sat in her chair in front of her public peers and shook her head “no”…really Lori, it is only a $100 fine for your 1st violation for lying. Oops, I mean “forgetting to fill out your political records, wink wink.” I think not….yet someone noticed a tear of moisture strolling down her cheek before the end of the meeting. Yeah, there is an old saying people in glass houses should not throw stones….

In any case folks, this was pretty uncomfortable for Howard, and Hemingsen to swallow because after all was all said and done, Chair Chris Howard supports convicted felons, supports giving them free reign of the public, free room and board, no public safety here…. and I am the bad guy for unveiling the truth of what they spend our public money on….




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