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Credit to, Kingston Heritage reporter Chris Vilela – March 14, 2017 – A shipment of 7,000-10,000 litres of fluorosilicic acid, was involved in a multi-vehicle pile up on Highway 401.   Fluorosilicic acid is the chemical used to add to public waters and called fluoride. When it is exposed to heat, it turns into hydrofluoric acid which is a highly toxic, highly corrosive and poisonous solution which is harmful to skin, lungs and eyes.

A HAZMAT team was called to the site because most of the liquid leaked all over the road. Exposure to the fluorosilicic acid could cause irritation to the nose, throat, respiratory system, irritation, redness or swelling of the skin and severe eye irritation.

Per Aliss Terpstra, is a fluoride poisoning survivor.  She is also a Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP).

“Every death; every injury; every resulting long term disability due to chronic fluorosis that develops after acute exposures like this; and every health care dollar spent on decontamination, treatment and followup of victims, is the result of a single monstrously callous political decision. The fact that it happened, and the emotional and physical consequences for the people harmed, are all on Ontario’s Health Minister, Dr. Eric Hoskins, who could have acted on science and ethics to end the policy of water fluoridation years ago. He needs to act NOW so that not one more truckload of this hellish industrial waste is ever driven down another Ontario highway on its way to another municipal water treatment plant to be pointlessly added to safe, clean drinking water, ever again.”


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