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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – April 4, 2022

Gavin Newsom has relinquished the governorship for a two-week vacation in Central America. In his absence, I’m calling on Acting Governor Kounalakis to end the State of Emergency.

I’ve also introduced a bill to make future “emergencies” end of their own accord. AB 2902 would put a 30-day time limit on any emergency declaration. 

This comes as the defeat of AB 1993, the employer mandate, is still reverberating through the Capitol. Its rejection was so emphatic that one of the bill’s co-authors “requested to remove my name.”

Still, as I discussed with Steve Hilton on Fox News last night, Newsom and the “Vaccine Work Group” are intent on extending the COVID era as long as possible. 

While we’ve killed one bill, at least seven remain: An intrusive new testing bill passed a committee last week, and the bill to defund police for not enforcing mask mandates is up this week. I’ll continue to update their status here.

Meanwhile, the backlash keeps growing against the Supermajority’s botched hijacking of my bill to suspend the gas tax, and the story continues to dominate news coverage. As Jon Coupal wrote, the Democrats “planed to ambush Kiley’s proposal. But their plan backfired badly.” 

On a final note: thank you! Last Thursday set a record for our campaign with 1,210 donations in a single day, putting us in the driver’s seat with two months to the Primary. We are showing the awesome power of a citizen-backed campaign. 

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