Sat. May 25th, 2024

By Jaime Yarbrough

Transition Del Norte held a potluck and orientation meeting at the
Fire Protection District on Washington Sunday, October 18th. Transition Del Norte is a subset of Transition United States whose objective is sustainability
and energy independence  ( Their goals
include healthy eating, starting gardens, permaculture, organic
farming and much more.

Getting people together to discuss the community’s needs and goals or
obstacles helps identify the same and devise methods or resources to
achieve those goals, and overcome those obstacles. Fortunately there
is a long practiced method for meeting these needs in a concept called
a “time bank.”  A time bank is similar yet different from barter in
that there is a medium of exchange rather than a direct trade of goods
and services.  The medium is the recognition of the time involved for
the service or an equivalent agreed time for resources being offered
or requested.

This is a growing practice throughout the world.  One of many websites
that help organize this process and bring people together is called
the Del Norte Hour Exchange supplied by  For more
information go to the website. If you have questions or need help
signing up, please call Situs Judi Slot Terbaik dan Terpercaya No 1, the Del Norte Hour Exchange
coordinator, at (408) 806-6723, or email
They can also be found on Facebook at :

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