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By Donna Westfall  October 8, 2016 –

The City of Crescent City has the wisdom of a gnat.  No disrespect to gnats of this world. The City approves the upgrade and expansion of the wastewater treatment plant on prime beach front mark-twain-quotation-on-fooling-peopleproperty in a Tsunami zone. Aside from that, they expand the sewer plant not 12% as stated in their undated, unsigned 1 page sheet, with no company name on it, but they purchase an membrane bioreactor (MBR) for $30 million which leads one to believe expansion is closer to 70%.

But wait, that’s not the end.  They encumber our little town of less than 4,000 ratepayers to $44 million dollars. Our poor little town.

But wait, that’s not the end.  There’s more. They double the sewer rates telling the people this will pay for the loan.

Oh, but wait.  That’s not the end either, there’s more. Now they want to go to consumption based rates.  We told them years ago to use consumption based rates and they told us they wouldn’t.  Now, they want to change, but here’s the kicker.  They want the new rate schedule to contain a 20% increase.

Folks, rate increases for this sewer will never end.  Haven’t you figured that out yet?  Also, they need to do Phase 2 for $36 million.  They can’t pay back the original $44 million and want to add another $36 million.

Another reason increases will never end is because the folks that have been fooled, (the ratepayers) are not demanding an investigation into all the allegations of fraud and corruption.

Based on reliable sources, we’re talking about the rigged bid for $37,500,000 (later increased to approximately $44,000,000).

Based on reliable sources, we’re talking about using federal EPA monies to create front loaded invoices, mark-up’s on subcontractors invoices, falsify invoices, and artificially inflated invoices.

Based on reliable sources, we’re talking about conflicts of interest, misrepresentation of goods and services and double and triple billing.

Based on reliable sources, we’re talking about plans that were incomplete and inadequate.  Example:  The Laboratory.  Bad air was vented out on the same wall that good air came into the building.

Based on reliable sources, up to $15,000,000 was used in kickbacks of one sort or another.

Based on reliable sources, documents were destroyed to cover up much of the fraud and conspiracy that took place including the video recordings of City Council meetings.

Maybe when the good rate paying folks of this town are sick and tired enough and ready to say, “We’re fed up and not going to take it anymore,” then something will be done.

One way to change the course of events is to Vote No on Measure Q and force the city to deal with the problems of the past.

Another way to change the course of events is to realize that those responsible for this situation and unjustly enriched themselves, need to be held accountable.  Make them return their ungainly revenues plus interest, costs and expenses.

We support a NO vote on Measure Q.  Stop increasing the rates to the ratepayers and start going after those that cheated us. Through restitution and asset forfeiture that should reduce the principal to a level this town could afford.  Don’t be fooled into thinking that 50% of the ratepayers are going to see a reduction.  That’s short term thinking and what makes you think you can trust the city on their percentages?  How much longer are you going to be fooled?

We support abe-lincoln-on-fooling-peoplea No vote on Measure Q.

2 thoughts on “The Problems With The Sewer Rates or Why You Should Vote No On Measure Q”
  1. We the people have the ability to make big changes in regards to this issue…and from what i have read in the triplicate newpaper..the horses mouth reveals all to you and what you need to know…This is my opinion of the 6 candidates running for city council and their positions on Measure Q

    Candidate Kimme
    She smiles so sweetly as she says, “I will be paying 120.00 dollars for my household and 25.00 dollars more for my business, but I’m willing to pay more so the smaller fixed income individuals can pay less”…Now I need a drink….ARE YOU KIDDING ME??? You work endless hours on your business busting your behind to make just enough money to live comfortably… and you want to pay for more because the city has you believing it is for the benefit of the smaller fixed income individuals…Somebody pass the whisky fast….ok sweety…this is it….This is about we the people…we are the government and we control what is done…it is not the other way around…and this election year is especially important to straighten out this endless mess…and here is how your gonna do it…once you get into office…and we are gonna elect three like individuals who truly want to make a difference in this hot mess…there are two options…option one is you all will humble yourselves to go before the Regional water Board and request for another loan modification. From 30 to 50 years….at 0 interest…we keep the current rates…which will allow us to not only pay off the loan but have money in reserve for future repair….or option 2…we increase the sales tax to 8% which will bring 1.8 million dollars into the city general fund where upon they can transfer the money out of general fund when it is due..the money they receive in the restricted fund can be used as a reserve for future repairs……if the fairgrounds increased the sales tax at .25 and brought in 600k then another 3/4 of a cent will bring in three times that amount…and the best part of all is the tourist pay for the majority…I think you would make a good council person with the right guidance in some areas.

    Candidate Williams
    The only damn Candidate to speak his mind.Thanks for having a set of balls..I mean really are you married..ok I took a cold shower,… wishy no washy…I believe he will fight for the people and will utilize good sense, transparency, as well as integrity to serve as City Council…But the rest of them…I’m not so sure…

    Candidate Bevier
    Says everything is over simplified…in other words he seems to believe that the residents of crescent city are too stupid to understand that they are getting screwed by the local government…and although he says he supports based rate consumer consumption he doesn’t support it at this time…WHHHHHAT??? You either support or don’t support quit being wishy washy because we can see straight through you….

    Candidate Fallman
    Although he did a little bit of homework regarding this issue…he was still in diapers while we were fighting city hall…in fact the poor little fella probably thought the stench he smelled was coming from his own diaper when in fact it was our local government running amuck.… Mr. Fallman did you not know that the loans that the city attained were signed and delivered before we the people got to vote on it??? That it was determined by 8 people??And had it not been for a former City Finance Person by the name of Joei Sanchez, none of us would have discovered we had been run over by the city government… and do you honestly believe that is a responsible government??…finally did you know that the city developed an ordinance where people who cannot afford to pay their sewer bill; the city will place what they can’t afford on their property taxes…and if they can’t afford their increased property taxes then the city will start proceedings to take their house…so now the elderly who live in substandard shells of homes will get thrown out to the dogs…hell, let’s just dig the damn hole and get on with it…
    .Fallman says he will run a responsible other words…he will not fight for the citizens of Crescent City on this matter…no no..we can’t have him as a council member…he needs to complete his homework ,finish high school and go to college . Then and only then will he possibly be prepared to go up the corporate government ladder. But have fun doing the political thing as it will look good on your college resume…
    Candidate Greenough
    He is supporting Measure Q because according to him portions of the wwtp are 50 years old…that’s 5…0…50. that what they are telling you…did you not ask them what they did with all that money they got for this state of the Art wwtp??? How about the portion they used for the swimming pool?..were those restricted funds for the wwtp and if they were restricted funds how much of those funds were misplaced.. ..did you go over any of the transactions of the job?? ……
    Yet your gonna support Measure Q… no no…we don’t need another good ole boy…and by the way…most small towns like ours started out with getting businesses first to support infrastructure…not the other way around but I am sure you knew that…wink wink
    Candidate Greene
    Uh no….she clearly says she is willing to go that extra special mile to put it to the people..oh yeah..she says, “my position on measure Q are what the people demanded; the city was responsive to the customers of our community and will be responsive again if Measure Q is unsuccessful? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? Are you having drinks with Murray? Have you been toking the ganji, the bullmongony?? Have you gone door to door to find out what the people want? Or are you one of those rubbing the elbows and saying all the right things so you can get in there and rubber stamp type???

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