Fri. Jul 19th, 2024
rp_DAs-ofc-seal-150x150-1.jpgDel Norte County District Attorney

While it looks like Del Norte County narrowly said No to Prop. 57, it overwhelmingly passed statewide. The very people we work hard every day to protect and keep safe by keeping violent career criminals off the streets of California have just made our jobs much more difficult.

We will now have to deal with more violent career criminals more often. By the time my office deals with them, they will have already victimized people in our community. They will be emboldened knowing that for most state prisonersprison eligible offenses, including dozens that are “violent” notwithstanding the narrow Prop. 57 definition of that term, there is very little to risk in continuing their violent ways. California voters have made multiple counts for multiple crimes and victims, sentencing enhancements and criminal histories a thing of the past when it comes to parole eligibility.

California voters have just given career criminals volume discounts on their crimes. California voters have told criminals with 10 page RAP sheets that they will be parole eligible at the same time as first time offenders. California voters have now said that bureaucrats who do not live in our community and have never met our crime victims get to decide when offenders get released back into our community rather than our local judges who are in a far better decision to make those calls.

That said, my office will continue to do what we can to fight for victims and hold offenders accountable.

3 thoughts on “DA’s Office Responds to Passage Prop. 57”
  1. Looks like District Attorney Trigg must now place himself on the Triplicate’s banned list with Sheriff Apperson, after all, you can’t have it both ways a la Editor Fornoff.

  2. I’m in complete agreement with District Attorney Dale Trigg. The passage of Prop 57 immediately places 33,000 CDCR inmates
    ” eligible” for parole consideration. California will rue the day it passed the Ill-thought Proposition and added to Prop 47 and AB 109 CDCR Reallignment funding, it a very good day for the convicted who are behind bars for the time being., it’s a a bad day for the communities which will have no choice in welcoming lots of new released parolees.

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