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By Donna Westfall – November 8, 2021 – Credit to Clifford D. May from Foundation for Defense of Democracy


The United Nations celebrated it’s 76th birthday October 24th. Their mission statement is “The maintenance of international peace and security.” Let’s delve into that a little further:

What is the United Nations main mission besides receiving $11 billion from the US as their largest donor?

Maintain International Peace and Security

Protect Human Rights

Deliver Humanitarian Aid

Support Sustainable Development and Climate Action.

Everybody raise your hands if you think they are effectively carrying out their mission statement? Nobody? I thought so.

Clifford D. May, founder & President of Foundation for Defense of Democracy writes, “…it occurred to me that I should provide you with the highlights. Only I couldn’t find any. So, instead, I will treat you to some lowlights – lies, evasions, boilerplate, and insults to your intelligence”.

At the 76th session of the General Assembly let’s look at the key speakers from China and then later from Russia:


Start with Xi Jinping, president of the People Republic of China, who pledged “to fight COVID-19 in solidarity” and “always put people and their lives first and care about the life value and dignity of every individual.”

Unless you’ve been living in a bubble, you know that China does not want to investigate or divulge the problems of their lab creating and then disseminating the Covid virus. Likewise, their genocide of the Uyghur people (pronounced WEE JUR) is not a topic you’ll hear about in polite conversations. Safe to say that guy is an outright liar but with a very interesting background.

Did you know that his father was Party Propaganda Chief under Mao’s regime? It didn’t stop there. There were many ups and downs for his family and it’s a wonder Xi Jinping’s even in power.

Now let’s turn our attention to a former and current Ambassador to the UN. This position has to be confirmed by the Senate.

Under Trump:

Nikki Haley

Nimrata “Nikki” Haley (née Randhawa; born January 20, 1972 in South Carolina). Nikki Haley was confirmed in a vote of 96 – 4. She served for 2 years and resigned. She apparently needed a break. No wonder. This woman is a power house. At 49 years, she’s had an amazing career. 1st woman Governor of South Carolina. and 1st Indian-American to hold office in South Carolina. A child of immigrant Indian Punjabi Sikh parents. Her father a professor. Her mother a lawyer. At the age of 12, Nikki helped out with bookkeeping in her mother’s business, a clothing boutique. In school, she graduated with an accounting degree. In 1998, she became active in civic affairs.

She is pro-life. She is in favor of enforcing immigration law. She supports school choice and charter schools.

She’s got guts. At the UN where they trounce on Israel at every opportunity, Nikki defended Israel at the Security Council.

She’s got brains leading the charge to withdraw the US from the UN’s Human Rights Council in June, 2018 stating, “I want to make it crystal clear that this step is not a retreat from human rights commitments,” Haley told the media. “On the contrary, we take this step because our commitment does not allow us to remain a part of a hypocritical and self-serving organization that makes a mockery of human rights.”

Trump wanted to decrease the amount of money the US pays into the UN. He didn’t have the backing of Congress. $11 billion. That’s what we contribute. And it’s the lion’s share. None of the other 192 countries are even close.

The last year she has entertained a run for President possibly in 2024. However, in April of this year she was quoted as saying, ” that she would support Trump if he ran again and not run herself.

Under Biden:

Linda Thomas-Greenfield with John Kerry

68 year old Linda Thomas-Greenfield was confirmed with a vote of 78-20 in February, 2021. By some accounts she retired from the foreign service after 35 years of civil service in 2017 during Trump’s administration. Others say she was fired by Trump. She is the third African American, and the second African American woman, to hold the job.

The 20 Republican’s who opposed her confirmation said she was soft on China and would not stand up for U.S. principles at the United Nations.

During her confirmation hearing she said, “When America shows up—when we are consistent and persistent—when we exert our influence in accordance with our values—the United Nations can be an indispensable institution for advancing peace, security, and our collective well-being. If instead we walk away from the table, and allow others to fill the void, the global community suffers—and so do American interests.”

If you’ve looked around the world and seen China flying over Taiwan threatening them, the Taliban back in control of Afghanistan with US armaments and military equipment left due to Biden’s disastrous withdrawal, Russian amassing 90,000 troops along the border of Ukraine, up to 15 wars in Africa, the Middle East, and then there’s always North Korea. Tell me how the UN is fulfilling their mission statement?


Per Clifford D. May. Sergey Lavrov, foreign minister of Russia, which has sliced territory from neighboring Georgia and Ukraine while helping Syrian dictator Bashar al-Assad slaughter hundreds of thousands of his subjects. He assured us that “threats and challenges can be countered effectively only through concerted efforts in strict compliance with the universally recognized norms of the international law, first and foremost, the goals and principles of the UN Charter.”

With this type of hypocrisy my question is why are we even in the United Nations?

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