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The 2020 Election Cyber-Security Symposium, hosted by Mike Lindell, was held between August 10th and 12th 2021. This Symposium focused on hacking of voting machines during the 2020 elections and anomalies detected in each State by professional cyber-security experts. Along with these experts were 300 political representatives from throughout the United States.

Hopefully, most of you were able to view the presentation live. This article is directed to those who were unable to attend.

Tuesday morning, August 10th st 8 am PST, I was unable to log onto where the Cyber-Symposium was to be broadcast. Later in the day, at noon, the website was back online. It was no surprise that an army of hackers took down the website’s main server and two backup servers earlier that day. This was not to be the only attack on the Symposium.

From the very beginning of the 2020 Election Cyber-Security Symposium it was demonstrated that voting machines could be hacked from a standard handheld smart-phone within five minutes. Claims by manufacturers and government that voting machines were not connected to the internet were LIES. It was also emphasized that ALL voting machines are vulnerable to cyber-attack; not just those manufactured by Dominion.

During the Cyber-Security Symposium, a variety of engineer experts explained precisely how voting machines are vulnerable to cyber-attacks. They also explained how hacking is accomplished and the most common strategies for vote manipulation. It was also established that the sources of these attacks were primarily foreign; the bulk originating from the People’s Republic of China.

After the first day of crunching data, the Cyber-Security engineers assigned to each State turned in their findings. These results were broadcast online, along with a tally of all States combined. The “official election results” of the 2020 election had been significantly manipulated by foreign hackers. In fact, when votes manipulated through foreign interference were eliminated, the election result totals flipped in numbers with Trump the victor.

For those who are interested in seeing the mountain of evidence and results, please visit There are also recordings and educational videos from the Symposium and a short documentary about the 2020 election. If you personally are convinced that you can debunk this evidence provided by engineers employed full-time as cyber-security specialists for government and private industry, there is a $5 million reward waiting for you.

We in the United States are not the only victims of voting machine cyber-attacks. Eduardo Bolsonaro, a representative of the Government of Brazil spoke at the Symposium about similar manipulation of election results throughout Latin and South America.

I mentioned that the Symposium was attacked from the onset. The first attacks were against the Symposium servers which broadcast the event. The next attack was a raid in Colorado of an election facility while officials were en-route to the Symposium to speak about voting machine discrepancies. The next attack was a massive lawsuit by Dominion against the only news organizations present, OANN (One America News Network) and Newsmax, for daring to cover and broadcast the Symposium. There were further Federal raids on the residences of Symposium officials and attendees. The Symposium was infiltrated by false ”Press” throughout the event in order to collect photographs and the identities of Cyber experts. Many of these cyber-engineers were “doxed” with their photographs, home addresses and contact information released for subsequent threats and intimidation. The event building was surrounded by elements hostile to any examination of the 2020 election, and Mike Lindell, the host and moderator of the event was physically assaulted outside the hotel he was staying in.

Dominion is indemnifying all election jurisdictions that used their machines with claims of “Intellectual Property Rights.” We see this in play now during the Maricopa County Audit in Arizona. Dominion is providing legal representation to Maricopa County commissioners and election officials who are refusing to follow court orders to turn over servers and routers. These officials thumbed their noses at the Arizona Senate, wiped the hard drives of their Dominion machines and refused to provide passwords. They refuse to allow access to the Dominion Routers. In a last ditch effort, they removed the batteries from the voting machines in order to wipe all information permanently from any hope of recovery. These same tactics are being employed in every State and County where election audits are being conducted. All of this done because we had the “Most secure election in US history!”

Keep in mind that the 2020 Election Cyber-Security Symposium was only concerned with the hacking of voting machines. Independent forensic audits at multiple jurisdictions are checking manipulation of ballots that were scanned into the machines. They are examining issues such as breaks in legal chain of custody for election materials, counterfeit ballots, multiple scanning of ballots, fraudulent adjudication of ballots, fraudulent manipulation of election data by officials, and voters who were not registered, voted twice in different jurisdictions, had non-existent addresses, were illegal aliens, or even deceased.

Why should this matter to you? Many of these voting machine hacks happened in small counties like Del Norte. In fact, Del Norte’s results were considered suspect because of vulnerability to cyber-attack (see the attached map). Are our polling places monitored and recorded 24/7 on closed circuit TV? Are our machines inspected to insure no connection to the internet? Are smart-phones banned within our polling places? Do our election monitors know what forms of fraud to look for? We should have a system in place to train our election monitors prior to the next special election to recall Governor Newsom in September.

This was not only interference with the Presidential results, but every other Federal, State and Local Office, and every Initiative, Measure and Issue put up to vote. Any and all offices, tax measures and legal issues can be manipulated electronically by hackers foreign and domestic. You should be concerned if you believe in our electoral system and cast your vote. You should be concerned if you plan to vote from this point onward.

If we do not assure that the 2020 election was 100% legitimate, then none of our future elections will ever matter. Write to your Local, State, and Federal Representatives and demand a thorough coast to coast audit of the 2020 elections, including Del Norte County. Demand that we have a hand-count during the next election because existing machines are vulnerable to fraud. Demand 24/7 CCTV recordings in our polling places. Demand voter registration, signature verification and voter identification. Demand all elections be legitimate and free of fraud! 

Try this link: Cyber Symposium Summary 2021 – Mike Lindell – Election Fraud at a Glance

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