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By Angry Old American

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There have been twenty years, and enough “water under the bridge” that a sizable portion of Americans cannot remember, or don’t even know about the attacks on the New York City Twin Towers, the subsequent Pentagon attack, and the Crash of Flight 93. The news in New York City, on the morning of September 11th 2001, was dominated by election coverage from local polls. All of this changed at 8:46 am when American Airlines Flight 11 slammed into the North Tower of the World Trade Center. Minutes later, United Airlines Flight 175 hit the South Tower of the World Trace Center at 9:03 am. Shortly afterward, at 9:37 am, American Airlines Flight 77 tore into the Pentagon building in Arlington Virginia. This was followed at 10:03 am by United Airlines Flight 93 crashing in Shanksville Pennsylvania after being hijacked. The subsequent fires led to the ultimate collapse of both 110 story “Twin Towers” and “Building Seven” within two hours. In total, 2,977 victims of the attacks lost their lives, and approximately 25,000 were wounded. Within a few days our intelligence agencies declared that the attacks were masterminded by Osama Bin Laden and executed by members of the Terrorist group Al-Qaeda. Other versions of the narrative exist; but that was, and still is, the “Official Narrative.”

Photo credit to Chao Soi Cheong, AP

The sloppy handling of intelligence prior to the attacks, and lack of cooperation among both Intelligence and Law Enforcement Agencies led to the formation of the Department of Homeland Security. The Patriot Act, which impacted the Constitutional Rights of the entire country was also signed into law.

Within months of the September 11th Terrorist Attacks, the first of our troops conducted special operations missions in Afghanistan in order to root-out Al-Qaeda. Our primary foe on the ground from the onset was the Taliban.

This short history omits the “Anthrax Postal Attacks,” and additional ground operations in Iraq. Many fine investigative books have been written about every aspect of the 9/11 Attacks for those who are clueless, or those who have only been exposed to the “Official” version of this important history.

There were 9/11 anniversary memorial ceremonies here in Crescent City at the Del Norte Fairgrounds after the Attacks. These attacks, after all, were the first since the Japanese attack on the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, and the first that intentionally targeted civilians. Most folks alive during the 1960s can tell you where they were when President John F. Kennedy was shot. Most people alive just after the turn of the Millennium can tell you where they were during the 9/11 Attacks.

Some still consider the terrorist attacks on September 11th, 2001 to be more horrific than the recent January 6th “US Capitol Insurrection;” which has been hailed by both Politicians and Press as the “Worst attack on the United States EVER!”

September 11th, 2021 marks the twentieth anniversary of the 9/11 Attacks. As if written for a made-for-TV Special Anniversary Extravaganza, our remaining troops have been withdrawn from Afghanistan. Although he has been “Un-Invited” by victims, first responders, and families from memorial ceremonies to honor those killed on 9/11; we can expect Joe Biden to take an obligatory public “Victory Lap.”

There are no bounds to the psychopathic gall and lack of conscience shown by the Biden Administration during the total surrender and defeat in Afghanistan to Taliban Terrorists. The United States surrendered billions of dollars of infrastructural improvements, airbases and facilities to Taliban rule. Thousands of the world’s most dangerous terrorists were released from Afghan prisons. Tens of billions of dollars worth of US uniforms, small armaments, night vision goggles, body armor, explosives, ground to air missiles, light and heavy vehicles and heavy equipment, armored vehicles, helicopters, state-of-the-art military drones and other aircraft were left behind, along with hundreds of billions of dollars worth of salvage to repair and maintain them. Also abandoned was our military encrypted communications and biometric identification technology to be shared with other terrorist organization and enemy Countries.

Instead of evacuating from the defensible Bagram Military Airbase, our leaders chose to evacuate from a commercial airport in Kabul. Despite evidence of Taliban torture, rape, decapitations and mass slaughter leading to the fall of Kabul, they were invited to “Aid” our efforts of evacuation. The Taliban were given a list of American Citizens and Afghan allies with visas to help facilitate their evacuation. This “Kill List” was used to accomplish just the opposite. We also left behind our Biometric Identification Database and biometric scanners to positively identify Afghans who worked alongside the US as soldiers, interpreters, and intelligence sources.

Our UK, Australian, German and French allies were left unprepared when the US withdrew its troops. No information was shared by the US about the retreat, and all of our Free-World Allies hastily assembled their own rescue missions to evacuate their citizens and Afghan allies outside of Kabul.

Unlike the UK, Australia, Germany and France, no attempts were made by US Troops to find and rescue US Citizens or Afghan Allies located outside of Kabul. As the Taliban moved from door to door to identify hostages for sale and “Traitors” for execution, US citizens and Afghan allies were advised by the US State Department to avoid the Kabul Airport. One week prior to the August 31st deadline for complete military withdrawal, the State Department recommended refugees fleeing the Taliban slaughter make their way out by land to either Afghanistan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Afghanistan or China. Just prior to the final departure, they were simply told to shelter in place.

In an act that mirrored the fall of Saigon Vietnam, when our last flights left Afghanistan, we released our Military service-dogs, considered “soldiers” in their own right, onto the streets of Kabul to be tortured, and slaughtered by our Taliban enemies. Our lap-dog Mainstream Media aired video from departing aircraft of “Taliban firing victory salvos into the sky” from the Kabul airport. Anybody could see clearly that those “Victory salvos” were aimed directly at the camera aboard the departing aircraft.

The next day, a Victory Parade of confiscated American armaments and vehicles wound through the streets of Kabul. One of our abandoned Afghan allies dangled by his neck by a rope from a likewise abandoned Black Hawk helicopter.

Of the 120,000 Afghans evacuated from the Kabul Airport, only approximately 25% were US Citizens or vetted Afghan visa holders, with the remaining 75% being unknown entities. There are reports of these unvetted Afghans being released to parts unknown in the United States. Meanwhile, the Biden State Department is hampering civilian US Veteran volunteers, mostly Special Forces, who attempt to rescue fellow Americans and Afghan allies from the hands of the Taliban. Over a week after the last US Military left Kabul, six planes are unable to leave the tarmac at Kabul Airport because of the US State Department. These flights are not allowed to fly to any American Airfields in the United States or abroad until their passenger manifests are thoroughly vetted. These patriot volunteer flights must be vetted before takeoff, while military flights took-off with only 25% vetted.

We also have a US family that were smuggled overland by US Veterans, through skirmishes with the Taliban, to an undisclosed border crossing on September 6th, The State Department was quick to take credit for the rescue, but the Special Forces Veterans who accomplished the volunteer mission exposed the lie. Meanwhile, the Biden Administration, aghast at the flow of illegal immigrants has provided billions of dollars to Tajikistan to stem the flow of American and Afghan refugees fleeing the Taliban.

With several days to go before the September 11th Anniversary, we can only expect for the carnage to increase, the US government incompetence to magnify, more glory to be stolen, and greater boasts from our leaders. Several weeks ago the Department of Homeland Security warned of Terrorist Attacks on the United States in the wake of 9/11. It seems that our government itself is crafting a situation that will create a self-fulfilling prophesy.

Have any of you said to a Veteran “Bless you for your service to our Country?” 

We still have a rare and disappearing number of Veterans who survived World War II, and a dwindling number from Korea. Suicide, lingering wounds and disabling injuries, disease and substance abuse, homelessness and the ravages of age plague Veterans of Vietnam, the Cold War, Grenada, Panama, Kosovo, Iraq, Afghanistan and a long list of special actions throughout the world. By far, the greatest threat to all of our Veterans is suicide.

Why suicide? Could it be the sacrifices made for a Government that betrayed and abandoned them? Could it be that their loved ones and fellow Americans had also abandoned them? Could it be that courage, moral conviction, self-sacrifice, loyalty, and honor no longer apply in modern American culture?

As we sit by and watch yet another generation of Veterans betrayed by traitors in Washington, we should ask ourselves if we also played a part in that betrayal.

“The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dirt and sweat and blood, who knows the great enthusiasm, and the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause, who at best, in the end, knows the triumph of high achievement; and if he fails, he fails having dared greatly, so that his place shall never be among those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat.”

            President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

President John F. Kennedy

We, who sit comfortably and contentedly in front of our Boob-tubes, watching the most treasonous abandonment of executive responsibility in US history unfolding in Afghanistan, must accept our own responsibility. Americans have invested dedicated service and lives in Afghanistan for twenty years. The American citizens, Afghan interpreters, guides, intelligence sources and soldier allies, betrayed by our leaders in Washington, were people that our Soldiers served with, fought beside, and died with.

Our Soldiers return “Home” to a Country where their fellow Americans kneel, bow their heads, and throw up a power-fist for the National Anthem.

  • Home, where our soldiers are branded “Patriot Extremists” and discharged if they do not accept Marxist dogma.
  • Home, where athletes turn their backs on the stars-and-stripes; a flag that their comrades in arms died for. They return home, where Congressional Representatives and Senators have become arrogant domestic enemies and attack our cherished Constitution; the Constitution that Veterans swore an oath to protect against all enemies, foreign and domestic.
  • Home, where mainstream media and social media have become lapdogs for the Chinese Communist Party.
  • Home, where their children are brainwashed with Critical Race Theory and LGBTQ gender neutrality.
  • Home, where borders are opened to hoards of immigrants, who at best seek free education, medicine, “stimulus checks,” voting rights and government handouts; and at worst traffic drugs and sex slaves or plan acts of terrorism.
  • Home, where the rule of law has been abandoned to support Marxist Cultural Revolution.
  • Home, where their flag is burned and their monuments vandalized or destroyed.
  • Home, where elections are determined by voting machine hackers and local poll fraudsters.
  • Home, where prisons and jails have been emptied, crime is epidemic, and police are dishonored.
  • Home, where our government has destroyed the middle-class and enriched wealthy multinational corporations.
  • Home, where masks and vaccinations are mandatory for a disease with a 98+% survival rate.
  • Home, where their President and Pentagon Generals betray everything that they fought for.
  • Home, where their fellow Americans sit on their asses and watch their world crumble, while Afghanistan falls on TV.

And we wonder why so many Veteran suicides? The Home that they fought to protect has embraced the very values, and many of the underhanded tactics and behaviors, that their enemies espoused.  It is a wonder there aren’t more suicides!

Do our Veterans a favor; before you say “Bless you for your service” ask yourself if you really mean it. Do you?

Only 4.6% of our population are prior active-duty military veterans, with another half a percent serving in reserves or non-defense roles. Many veterans know the horrors of war, and have experienced deprivation, pain, loss and grief. They paid the price for the liberty that YOU have abandoned. They did their part serving our country, while many media lobotomized followers at Home were suckered by Marxist con-artists and pop-culture icons on TV. They risked their lives, while the American People at home couldn’t be bothered to attend public meetings, or write public comments, letters and emails to representatives, and local newspapers. They could not be bothered to attend protests, demonstrations, pickets and boycotts. The politicians in office that betray our Country are not at fault because WE either voted for them or didn’t lift a finger to oppose them. Who is most responsible for the betrayal of our Veterans? It is WE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

Instead of watching a televised memorial extravaganza to commemorate the September 11th, 2001 Attacks, emphasizing a bunch of puffed-up politicians and star-festooned yes-men, you might consider another option. Visit the Afghanistan Iraq Veterans Memorial Building, located at 384 G Street, in Crescent City. Read the inscriptions, say a prayer, and lay some flowers in remembrance. Remember Captain Bruno DeSolini, who died September 20th, 2008 from an improvised explosive device in Kandahar, Afghanistan. Visit our Veteran’s Memorial Building at 810 H Street in Crescent City, and remember those who fought all of our wars. Honor those veterans that you know, because they are both loathed and uncherished “Patriot Extremists” in here in Bidenistan. If you really really mean the words, bless them for their service, and vow that they will never be betrayed again as they have been so many times before.

3 thoughts on “20th Anniversary of 9/11”
  1. Yes 911 will always stay with me. The Politicians hugged, shuck hands, surveyors, first responders, and then they turn their backs and continue with defund the police what the. What the hell is this? Yes wake up America. Wake up!

  2. Great article, it is sad parents, teachers don’t teach more history, I watch interviews on tv and young students sound so selfish, uninformed. People in the Middle East have been killing each other God only knows how long. I do realize this country will never be the same with all this immigration, our veterans living on the streets desperate for help, money being given to noncitizens. What happened to our hearts, caring for our troops government turns its back on our troops. Oh I for got I meant the swamp.
    Thank U again for the article.

  3. I am deeply ashamed to see Obama, Clinton, Biden, Harris at ground zero……The people that died were Patriotic American Citizens who supported our values and our country…..those that died on the planes that were flown into the Twin Towers were Patriots, and those that died trying to overthrow the terrorists that overtook the planes were certainly patriots, Americans…..and to have their memory defiled by the scum like Obama, Clinton’s, Biden and Harris, anti-American socialists at best……Is disgusting, disgusting… better wake up America, you better wake up, or this scum will destroy your country…..

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