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Credit to The Del Norte and Curry County Scanner Feed – November 29, 2016 – Around 6:30 pm, a suspect entered a 25 foot, tan Mercedes motorhome in the WalMart parking lot and attempted to attack the owner.  The owner jumped out and the suspect took off.

A chase ensued.  California Highway Patrol and the Del Norte County Sheriff’s Department were in pursuit.  Not long after traveling out Washington Blvd. to Highway 101, members of the Scanner Group reported that Hwy 101 was closed at Flying B Ranch and that both North and South Fred Haight was closed.

Not exactly a high speed chase, but speeds in excess of 55 mph. At one point, drivers heading south on Hwy 101 were told to turn around and head out of there by CHP.

Finally, about an hour later, the motorhome pulled off on Knutsen Lane in Smith River, going 10 mph and then 5 mph.  People in the area were getting automated calls to stay indoors. Sheriff’s officer(s) entered the motorhome and apparently pepper sprayed the suspect.

According to one member of the scanner group, “Subject will be transported to Sutter (Coast Hospital) for medical clearance before going to jail. Head laceration & pepper sprayed. Extra units following as a precaution…subject is being verbally aggressive.”

A tow truck was called and 6 tires were flat, but it sounds like the owners will get their motorhome back. The suspect may be looking at two felony counts.

Big thanks and much appreciation is extended to all law enforcement and first responders.

All roads are open and operational.


8 thoughts on “25 foot motorhome stolen”
  1. He should not have been told “No” when he asked to transfer to New Jersey. It could have made all the difference. He was trapped in Crescent City. That is not right! He is not a psychopath…he is a victim of the system. Please don’t give your two cents about him if you don’t know him and you are not a psychologist. You have no right and you are very closed minded!

    1. Well…I knew him once and called him my friend. He lived in my house in SoCal. He stole my car and everything I owned and left me stranded in Skid Row. I never reported it. If you’re such good friends with him then you must of heard of me. We’re all a victims of daily injustice. That’s no excuse to keep perpetuating crimes. Please tell him to seek help and tell him I forgive him.

      P.S. That guitar in the trunk was the last one I ever made, I hope he learned to play.

  2. I’m sorry not sticking up for the fact that he may have (cuz until proven guilty) Stole and threatened the owner. That’s not what I’m talking about
    Dude you called him a psychopath, Druggie and do you even know his circumstances. I met him when he was first released from jail. Here you will love this. Crescent City says they want to clean up this town yet when Mr. Alexander tried to get his probation sent to New Jersey where he is from…..they told him no…NO!!!! REALLY why so we can again house someone who can’t find work. Who has no home and who yes will end up back on the street. Passing thru here so many months back he and his other had an argument she called coos and he went to jail. DO THEY REALLY HAVE TO KEEP EVERY PRISONER HERE. MA WHY not let him go home his family would have taken him and he then would have had a place to be instead of he gets drunk I’m thinking steals a place to sleep and a way home.
    WHO’S AIDING AND Abetting!!!! And so it goes .
    I feel bad for him. Before he had to go to the street he was sober and he was not on drugs. Thats the Greg I met years when he spoke of home And how he wouldn’t be there for the holidays. You tell me. Sure the wrong thing to do but shut up, you know squat! And or you have no clue why he was in the place he was. Aka 9th st. Liquors. And besides what were u doing there!!!!!

    1. Psychopath: a person suffering from chronic mental disorder with abnormal or violent social behavior. an unstable and aggressive person. a person with a psychopathic personality, which manifests as amoral and antisocial behavior, lack of ability to love or establish meaningful personal relationships, extreme egocentricity, failure to learn from experience, etc.

      Your unintelligible, inarticulate dribble and slang, combined with a disjointed thought pattern, all typical of drug induced behavior, confirms your close association with the criminal class — you sound like you are on drugs too.

      I keep a close watch on, and maintain an extensive list of every single person arrested and booked into the Del Norte County Jail. I do not hang out at the jail with your friends, nor do I loiter around “9th Street Liquors” with your friends — I have eyes everywhere.

  3. His victim was a 76 year old man from Bakersfield, and his 13 year old grandson. A third party was inside the store. Walmart has what began as a well intended policy of allowing overnight camping in the parking lot for nice people like these unfortunate victims so they can rest, buy products the next morning, and continue their journey, but that policy is being badly abused by criminals and nair-do-wells who live in their vehicles as a lifestyle. These people stay for weeks, or months, until customers complain enough that Walmart makes them leave. Other criminals are living in the wooded area beside Walmart, across from the hospital in the woods around the water tower, and in the woods behind the DMV. Supervisor Gitlin cleaned out the woods beside Walmart 2 or 3 years ago. After much protest from Supervisors Finigan and McClure, he posted official county signage to stay out of those woods on county owned property, but the camps have returned anyway. Earlier this year Supervisor Gitlin wanted to use volunteers from his Take a Bite out of Blight program to clean out the homeless camps beside Walmart again, but Finigan and McClure blocked him — now look what has happened! The drinking, drug use and selling, panhandling, loitering, vehicle and bicycle theft, vehicle break ins, and general lawlessness at in the Walmart parking lot, next to the building, and in the woods, has grown into epic proportions. Walmart needs to better patrol the parking lot, but they say there is nothing they can do because it is “company policy” to allow all this lawlessness in their parking lot. Let’s face it, without tourist dollars, this county would dry up and die. How does this look to tourists? These poor people will never stop here again, and as the word continues to spread like wildfire, other travelers will avoid stopping here whatsoever. Since Walmart will not properly patrol it’s own parking lot, and the Sheriff’s Dept. can only remove people at Walmart’s request, because it is private property, I urge a campaign of phone calls and letters to Walmart corporate headquarters and demand they force local management to bring safe conditions to this store. Phone, (479) 273-4000 or 1-800-WALMART — Address. 702 Southwest 8th Street, Bentonville, AR 72712; Bentonville, Arkansas 72712. I also urge everyone to show up at the Board Of Supervisors meetings when the new majority of “law and order” Board of Supervisors begins meeting in January. Ask them to finally allow Gitlin’s crew of free and donated-labor volunteers to drain that swamp of illegal camps around Walmart.

  4. Today, extra charges were added to the list:


    Gregory Alexander has been seen hanging out around 9th and J Street at Discount Liquors, AKA 9th Street Liquors, along with all the other criminals, habitual drunkards and drug addicts that hang out there. The fact that he was charged with “cruelty to elder” means the victim was at least 65. Hopefully this psychopath will be sent away for a long time!

  5. Don’t know if this him, but sure sounds like it. The Del Norte Online Sheriff’s call log shows Gregory Alexander, 46, 5’9”, 180 lbs, brown hair and eyes was arrested yesterday by the Del Norte county Sheriff’s Office for carjacking and other crimes:

    Violations Code Description

    Go to: to see him and his mug shot, along with others in custody at the Del Norte County County Jail.

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