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By Samuel Strait, Report at Large – February 6, 2021

Numbers, numbers, who has the correct numbers?  I say this because I saw a recent announcement by the Biden administration that 200,000,000 doses of the Covid vaccine were ordered along with the 400,000,000 doses
already on order.  The thinking by the president is that with
300,000,000 people vaccinated, that would put an end to the threat of
Covid-19.  Of course, this would all take place by early this summer.  
Fantasy or reality, that becomes the question.  Clearly it is an
impossible task for Phizer and Moderna alone to be able to manufacture
that many doses that quickly.  So what is the alternative?  Other
pharmaceutical companies have the potential to aid in that possibility
if either Moderna or Phizer were willing to allow generic manufacture of
their proprietary vaccines, a move that could potentially cost those two
companies trillions of dollars.   While the two may not be willing can
the Biden administration force them to allow this to happen?   Probably,
the answer is “Yes,” but will that happen?

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the story.  Neither vaccine has
had it’s roll out go as planned.  As more people have subjected
themselves to the vaccines, stories have begun to crop up of dire
consequences to the recipient following inoculation, which has made an
already jittery population hesitant to become vaccinated.  At this point
fully 40% of the US population are less than thrilled about becoming
vaccinated guinea pigs, many will absolutely refuse.  Before we start
talking about forced vaccinations and open rebellion, let’s take a look
at the numbers through fresh eyes.

In a recent televised announcement by the illustrious governor of
California, Gavin Newsom, we learned that California would under certain conditions be allowed to reopen.  He further stated that it may be
temporary, as he resorted to his standard appeal to the “science.”  In
this announcement he gave us some clue as to what that “science” might
entail.  It turns out that Newsom’s “science” is not science at all, but
statistics denoting occupation of IC beds in local hospitals.  There is
a reason Newsom has called this “science”, because there is NO science
to support any of his mandates.  If they worked in the slightest, one
would think we would be seeing some sort of success at controlling the
spread of the virus.  Not the Case.

Now to the numbers.  In October the nation’s CDC published an account
that stated very clearly that only six percent of the hundreds of
thousands of deaths being reported were directly from Covid-19.  In a
later announcement it was reported as 9100 total deaths from Covid-19 in
nearly a year.  The mortality rate, often bandied about between 3 to 5%
is actually less than one tenth of one percent, well below that of the
seasonal common flu.  In between the two statements by the CDC an
economist at John Hopkins, Dr. Genevieve Briand, examined the raw date
from the CDC and discovered several important bits of information
regarding Covid-19 which was quickly erased from the John Hopkins
newsletter.  What Dr. Briand discovered was that there was no
significant increase in the percentage of death to the over sixty five
population in the United States during a week by week examination from
2017 through September of 2020.  She further learned that of the eleven
primary causes of death among the elderly, they declined in numbers at
the same rate as the numbers increased for deaths reported to be caused
by Covid-19.  In conclusion, she suggested that there was the
possibility that deaths normally attributed to the leading causes of
death for elderly patients, were being mislabeled as Covid-19 deaths. 
The final bit of data also comes from the CDC.

In the past ten years there has been as the population grows and ages,
an increase in the total number of deaths in this country. In 2017 it
was 2.8 million, 2.8 million in 2018, 2.9 million in 2019.  Taking into
account all of the grim news of 2020, most would assume that the number
would go up dramatically.  That was not the case, as the death rate
shrank by almost 300,000 in 2020. Just something to think about while
the media, public health, and our public servants continue to prattle on
about the national crisis of the pandemic.

I think it is about time people realized that when public officials such
as Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newson, Diane Feinstein, and Maxine Waters are
caught prancing around without masks, not attending to social distance,
and feel comfortable breaking stay at home orders to travel for family
/lobbyists gatherings, to get beauty treatments at closed shops, or any
other non essential activities, there has to be something that we are
not being told. It should be clear by now that vaccines have not been
the answer in the past to eradicate viruses, nor are the methods
currently being employed.   It appears that as raw data has been exposed
to review, there is much to be learned going forward about what the real
story regarding the pandemic of Covid-19 and whether the response to it
was absolutely necessary.

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