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By Chris Door – April 11, 2024

Early this morning, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, the ATF, and Attorney General Merrick Garland launched a full frontal attack on our Second Amendment rights.

They released a 466-page “rule” that goes into effect 30 days from now seeking to define those who are “‘Engaged in the Business’ as a Firearms Dealer.

”The New York Times described the new rule this way:

“The Biden administration has approved the broadest expansion of federal background checks in decades.”

But don’t be fooled by the “Firearms Dealer” language surrounding this “rule” — this move was made with the intent to ELIMINATE all private sales of firearms in the United States.

Biden’s end game here is to fill up a giant government database with the name of ANYONE in America who makes a private sale of a firearm.

And if you don’t ask permission of the ATF first, virtually anyone selling a firearm for a “profit” could be subject to five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

Buy a firearm for a $1,000 from a buddy, a few months later sell for $1,500, and the ATF COULD get you, and seek to punish you with serious consequences.

For years, AFA blocked Biden and the Democrats from passing “National Gun Registration” legislation in the Congress.

That’s why last year, to the delight of David Hogg and the gun-grabbers, Biden and Kamala announced the opening of the “White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention” to go around Congress and implement their gun control agenda through the ATF and the DOJ.

Biden is going after our gun rights via tyrannical fiat, using unelected bureaucrats to accomplish his goal of destroying the Second Amendment.

You know what we say … DO NOT COMPLY!

AFA is mobilizing hundreds of thousands of gun owners nationwide in a coalition to SUE THE ATF over this tyrannical new rule.

These orders will need to be fought against in court and the American Firearms Association is already speaking to our legal team to lay the legal groundwork.

An original federal lawsuit against the DOJ will cost well over six figures.  Even an Amicus Brief will require tens of thousands of dollars.  But we need to do this.

If we don’t fight back in court, and Biden gets away with this massive gun control push with no pushback in court, he’s going to continuing issuing Executive Orders until his pen runs dry!
Chris Dorr is President of American Firearms Association

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