Sat. May 25th, 2024


apples on a tree

It’s Saturday morning, there’s a slight mist and 5 of us went to pick apples. We forgot the camera.  We had phones but forgot to take picture. We forgot a scale.  But, we picked plenty of apples.

How exactly did this come about?  One of the gleaners attend the gym with a woman that had 4 apple trees in her yard.  4 apple trees was far more than her family could consume.  Coordinating with the Del Norte Gleaning Project allowed 5 people to have fun and while we didn’t get every last apple on those trees, we got enough to help the homeowner.

How did we estimate the weight?  One woman picked up her 11 pound pooch.  She picked up a bag of apples.  Seemed about the same.  She then sorted bags by size and weight.

Next is the distribution. Some of the organizations that will benefit:  Harrington House, local Churches, Del Norte Senior Center, Our Daily Bread Ministries and Community Assistance Network.

If you have an abundance of fruits, berries, vegetables, herbs, eggs or honey, call or e-mail the Del Norte Gleaning Project.  There is no reason that anyone in our town should go hungry.

If your organization can benefit from the bounty of the gleaners, also contact the Del Norte Gleaning Project.

If you want further information or care to become a donor or volunteer, please call Kelly Nolan at 707 954-0212 or send an e-mail to:


One thought on “300 POUNDS OF APPLES”
  1. What a wonderful project!
    I almost want to give praise for thinking outside the box , but this is really just returning to the way it used to be.
    Where people didnt let things go to waste.
    Where people helped out for the good of the community.
    Great job-
    Thanks for the apples- they were enjoyed by the elderly,handicapoed and low income residents of seagull villa

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