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By Donna Westfall – May 19, 2021

We predicted that Oregon was going to take a hit when their Governor and Mayor of Portland allowed lawlessness to prevail for most of last yea, and stretching into this year. Along with that, conservative values are frowned upon by most of the Democratic politicians currently in office. Taxes ranking right up there with many disgruntled voters. As a result five counties (Sherman, Lake, Grant, Baker and Malheur) in eastern Oregon voted to start the process to become part of Idaho.

With a higher than average turnout (25% usual vs 43% for this ballot measure), the average was 62% in favor of secession.

In addition, last November, two counties voted to secede (Jefferson and Union). Plus, 18 other counties want to jump on the bandwagon and wave bye bye to Oregon. When it’s all said and done, only 14 counties will remain as a part of Oregon.

Mike McCarter is the president of Citizens for Greater Idaho (website: He said, “If we’re allowed to vote for which government officials we want, we should be allowed to vote for which government we want as well.” Sherman County voted for a ballot initiative that makes county commissioners responsible for promoting “the interests of the County in the relocation of Idaho state borders.” Four other counties voted for a ballot initiative that requires county commissioners to meet periodically to “discuss how to promote the interests of [the county] in any negotiations regarding relocations of Idaho state borders.” Idaho’s governor and the leadership of both houses of the Idaho legislature support the border relocation, and dozens of legislators have indicated their support

Seceding is not an overnight process. It’s a multi- step process. First a vote. Then approval from both the Idaho and Oregon state legislatures. Finally, approval from Congress.

Del Norte County has perked up it’s ears. Much of rural northern California is faced with the same issues as Oregon, many worse. Although Republican voters in Del Norte County outnumber Democrats, the issue has been pooh-poohed in the past by the Board of Supervisors that would have separation anxiety being apart from Sacramento. As a rural county complaining of being ignored for the most by Sacramento part that didn’t phase the head of the local Democratic Party Central Committee, Kevin Hendrick, when the issue concerning splitting off and creating the State of Jefferson.

One big problem – Pelican Bay State Prison. However, with Governor Newsom closing prisons, and releasing felons left and right, that problem may be non-existent in the not too distant future. Once the prison closes, expect house sales to increase and an exodus of former prison employees from Del Norte County.

Another big problem, the millions of tax dollars on public education. Well, if you can call our public schools an education rather than indoctrination. (Read the series TAXATION WITHOUT EDUCATION in this publication).

Another problem. Although we pay enormous gas taxes, our roads and infrastructure just stink.

Del Norte County would rather spend mucho dinero on advisors, reports and studies on increasing sales taxes, increasing fire district taxes without any sunset, but with a 2% inflation figure, kick the can on Last Chance Grade ,in addition one issue after another….. ad nauseam.

Don’t hold your breath about Del Norte County joining the secession movement any time soon. But, with educating the voter to the benefits, who knows. When voters were educated about the harmfulness of fluoride, they voted to have the spigot turned off after 44 years of drinking that poison. People will either realize the futility of remaining a part of the former great state of California, or they won’t.

Many rural counties in northern California will be on the secession train to Idaho even if Del Norte County is not one of them, but it’s nice to know there’s an alternative.

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