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Who would’ve known that this classic drink, the favorite of many generations, has plenty of beneficial uses in the garden? Actually, it can be very helpful.

From assisting you in destroying slugs to being your ally for composting; having an extra bottle for the garden is a good idea.

Let’s learn about the best uses of Coca Cola for the garden.

How to Use Coca Cola for Your Gardening?

Kill slugs

Tired of snails and slugs in your garden?

Just pour some Coca Cola in a bowl and leave it near the area where you see them the most-the acid from the soda will kill them.

Use it for compost

Pour some Coca Cola over your collected compost and its mild acidic nature will speed up the breakdown of the organic matter and its sweetness will attract the micro-organisms needed for the process.

Make a trap for wasps

If you’re dealing with wasps and hornets in your garden and you’re looking for an easy and effective way to get rid of them, use Coca Cola.

Fill a bowl with the liquid and leave it in the garden. They will be attracted to it and will eventually drown in it and its acidity will kill them.

Remove weeds

Coca Cola is awesome for cleaning thanks to its acid content-similarly to vinegar; it can also destroy weeds in your garden.

Pour Coca Cola directly on the weeds to kill them. It’s best to do this when it’s sunny and warm-the heat from the sunrays will help encourage the killing of the weeds.

Clean rust from your garden tools

Coca Cola is awesome for removal of rust-if your shovels and pruners have some on their surface, soak them in Coca Cola for several hours.

Afterwards, rinse them off and the rust will be gone.

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  1. Love this . Thank you for the really wonderful advice . I will try it this spring and let you know how it works in my garden .

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