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By Donna Westfall – September 12, 2022

Changing history. We’re at a turning point in our country’s history once again.

We’ve watched as President Biden created government induced inflation starting with the first day of his administration. We’re watched as the recession creeped up slowly but surely. We’ve watched as prices on almost everything increased. We’ve watched as socialism is taking over our country. We’ve watched as stimulus checks and loan forgiveness will reverberate back as taxes in the form of the inappropriately named Inflation Reduction Act which put out country and it’s citizens deeper in debt. In effect the Democratic party continues to try to “buy our vote.”

What can we do to take back our country and see if this sinking ship can be turned around?

November 8 is just 57 days away. In California the best thing we can do is to vote current Governor Newsom out of office. Best choice for a replacement: Senator Brian Dahle. Please take a few minutes and read what he stands for.

For example: Newsom’s policy regarding criminals and closing of prisons and Sen. Dahle’s opinion:

Sen. Brian Dahle: “I oppose closing the California Correctional Center in Susanville. The inmate fire program is invaluable, and the continued erosion of accountability for criminals in California is making our streets unsafe for the law-abiding.

Even worse is the state’s high-handed treatment of its own communities. When the City of Susanville challenged the closure in court because there was no environmental review, what did Newsom do? Have the Legislature REWRITE the law in a budget trailer bill that had almost no public review.

This administration does whatever it wants and doesn’t care about what happens in California communities. It is shameful.

And that’s not just Brian Dahle talking. Even the visiting judge overseeing the case says the whole thing has ‘an unpleasant odor’.”…/the…/article265517016.html

Locally, we’ve watched as the City and the County increased wages and hired more people through sales taxes. That’s the last thing one should do in a recession. Last time, they had a hiring and wage freeze. What changed? Economics doesn’t change. Creating a two-tier society doesn’t make things better in our neck of the woods. It’s a temporary solution to a long term problem that will result in disaster for the residents of our community.

Yes, fixing the roads is long, long overdue. Don’t you wonder why our gas taxes haven’t been used before to fix the myriad of bad roads we drive on? Californians have only been paying a gas tax since 1923. That’s nearly 100 years! Why did it take a sales tax increase? And the sidewalks? How many streets in the City don’t even have sidewalks? Why is that?

Crescent City has been around since 1854 and Del Norte County was formed in 1857. So, in nearly 170 years roads and sidewalks have not been a big priority. And the question that remains in most residents minds is this: Do they even know how to do the repairs properly? In the City, street lights don’t seem to be a big priority as they are not maintained either.

57 days to change.

You want better? Get out and vote.

Vote for Sen. Brian Dahle.

Vote to repeal the measures that increased our sales tax. Vote YES on Measure T and U to repeal Measures S and R.

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