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linda sutter campaign photoMy name is Linda Sutter and I am not a “Professional” politician. I have written for the on a variety of subjects over the years and at this time want to introduce myself to you.
As a single mother of two working in the capacity of a Correctional Officer, I managed to attend College and graduate from College of the Redwoods. Later after retiring, I returned to UC Davis for the paralegal program, and Humboldt State for the Mediation program.
 I have lived and worked in Del Norte County for 25 years. Nothing much has changed, and the issues facing Del Norte County 25 years ago are still alive and well today. Poverty is one half of Del Norte County’s population, and no discussion by any supervisor to change that reality.
We have one of the fastest broadband internet systems on the West coast, which could result in a fast growing industry such as call centers, collection centers, and billing statement facilities or insurance claim process centers. All provide viable living wages. Cannabis is another industry on the horizon, and we don’t want to be left behind when it is voted in.
Currently Brookings Oregon has three marijuana dispensaries. Each one pays the State of Oregon $9,000-11,000 per month. Brookings made the mistake of not getting their tax attached and now has to get voter approval to receive a 3% tax on the marijuana sales. Is this what we want to happen to our County ? The city already banned the sale of recreational marijuana within the city limits, which, in my opinion, was a mistake. It was a mistake that should be rectified before the new law is passed by the people. The State of Oregon Currently makes $3.48 million dollars a month off of the sale of recreational Marijuana.
The Native Americans are a sovereign nation and should be respected as such. Their rivers and fish will be protected, and I support the development of a teen center that will endorse strong, educated, and confident members.
The hot and complex issues facing Del Norte County today are the Last Chance Grade and Sutter Coast hospital. The Last Chance Grade is dangerously approaching its last leg. CALTRANS says it is safe to drive, however, the construction workers say it is dropping at a rate of 4 inches a day. Is it safe? Why haven’t our supervisors made a grand stand to the appropriations committee? We all pay our taxes, yet our County is at the bottom of the barrel to get things done. That is not ok with me and I will make a GRAND STAND, if that is what it takes.
Why haven’t maritime transportation been looked at as a means of travel, that would be more effective and bring more full time jobs as well as character to our county?
Sutter Coast Hospital made $10.8 million dollars in 2014, well over the amount they are allowed to make as a non-profit hospital. SCH, recently fired medical staff for no other reason than to attempt to gain critical access even though Mr. Hana says they are not. It is time for our County to hit them in the pocket book, take away their welfare exempt non-profit status, and begin recruiting another provider with doctors that will allow affordable medical treatments. It is time to bring in infusion centers, and dialysis centers so our sick do not have the stress to travel for these treatments delaying their much needed treatments.
As a Certified Paralegal, I have a strong background in legal research and would be an asset as your 5th District Supervisor. In order to understand and get to the meat of the issues at hand, you have to understand their legal perspectives. I have ambition, drive, integrity, and commitment in getting the job done. It’s time for new industry, less poverty and less red tape.
Its time to vote for Linda Sutter, a fresh, new, perspective.
13 thoughts on “5th District Candidate; Linda Sutter”
  1. Great job trying to point out problems with absolutely no solution. Or ideas on how to make them better. Also where are you getting your facts? Half of del norte is in poverty? H why do you feel you can comment on SCH firing its staff? You cant keep making assumptions about things with no real evidence. Give you this you have balls to try and run. But nobody wants a FB politician who whines and complains over every little thing because they feel superior to everyone else. goodluck

  2. Linda,

    I read and printed out your April 1, 2018 Del Norte Circus.
    I am an Oregon Citizen. I have taken DA Mick’s To the Federal 9.

    She, DA Micks, is defendant #1, AG Bacerra is defendant #2.

    MS. white might be interested in Exhibit A of Federal Civil filing Medford district 1:18-CV-000405-CL

    DA Mick’s very likely violated Ms Whites First thru fourteenth with very few slipped.

  3. I admit I agree with some of your perspectives, Linda. I still think you’re charming, even with all that fire to make change. I’m one of them also. We need more positive change, but there will be those who judge and oppose progress along the way. That’s OK. I’d vote for you, but I’m not a resident quite yet. I’ll register at some point, once I’m more established, and help some positive change along when I can. Cheers and good luck!

  4. She’s not a liar! She speaks the truth! Admit the truth dummy’s. People know whats going on in this town. You’re the mental case. Vote for Linda Sutter!

    1. i do not believe I have had the opportunity to meet you kind sir, I am known to be alot of things but liar has never been part of my reputation. Clearly your are misinformed. Most people describe me as a bitch because i tell you what I think and instead of viewing an opinion as such they place value on it…which is probably the if you are a bob berkowitz fan, that is very different story…and understandable because mr. bertkowitz PROJECTS his idiosyncrasies.

    1. Classy, You may not agree with her, but your comment does nothing to explain just why her comments should be cast in an asylum. A Little constructive criticism please. Otherwise you are wasting space.

    2. well I thank you very much for your opinion…Unfortunately, I place no value on someone who is a computer warrior, and has no ability to effectively communicate with the public or anyone else.

      1. I’m not a computer warrior, anybody who wears their uniform to protest in public is an idiot. Your antics at PBSP were just outright disgusting. You are very boorish, and your campaign is boring and pedantic. I see you are trying to re-invent yourself in to something your are not. You are the person on this website spewing lies. I have know reason to effectively communicate with you. I place no value on someone who is a liar and has morals or mores.

        1. well let’s talk about that mr. Cantu…since you brought up pelican bay state prison…you must be an officer??? had you known that pelican bay called and told me they were cutting my paycheck because i had been injured…no more medical…or anything else…i protested in my uniform and have pictures to prove it…yes…i stood on the street corner of denny’s with a sign that i had been unlawfully terminated for a work injury…hopefully this never happens to you….Pelican Bay is a great place to work, but if you get injured they do not take care of their own….you will lose everything you own until after months of court you regain it back…..and one female officer was found dead in her camper trailer before her 25,000 dollar paycheck arrived …..fortunately for me, i turned 50, which allowed me a service retirement after 8 months of nothing…then, pelican bay in their infinite wisdom decided to take me to the STATE PERSONNEL BOARD after 9 months of separation…at which time the JUDGE said to the attorney general’s office, ” WHY IS THIS WOMAN IN MY COURTROOM SHE HAS BEEN SEPARATED FROM THE STATE FOR 9 MONTHs” ….Oh and because I would not lie on reports for pelican bay, I was a controversial officer…

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