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6 Counties Re-Open

By Donna Westfall – May 12, 2020 – Credit to The Sacramento Bee article,

“Northern California counties scramble to reopen. Some are confused by Newsom’s demands”


Did you notice that Del Norte County is not included.  See below for Crescent City’s continued closure.

Gruesome Newson’s Phase 2 re-opening plan is supposed to be clarified this week.  Meanwhile, counties are intrepreting his Phase 2 plan that if it has not experienced any Covid 19 deaths in the last 14 days, they can re-open.  Yuba Sutter Mall has re-opened their retail businesses after their County’s Health Officials defied the Governor’s orders.

Phase 3 includes gyms and salons which is a month away.

In attending the Crescent City, City Council meeting Monday night May 11th, Linda Sutter shares, “

  • Did you know that state law limits the duration of a local emergency?
    Under California law, Health and Safety code section 101080, a local health emergency can last no longer than 30 days before the government must renew it. Other local emergencies are limited to 60 days before they have to be renewed, per Government code section 8630.
  • Gavin Newsome waived these laws in his “Corona Virus State of Emergency Proclamation” on March 4.

    Clearly, the elected legislature thought it was important to put some constraints on the length of time government officials could exercise unlimited power in an emergency of any kind.

    Something our local community elected have not considered. Tonight at the City Council meeting it was decided to continue an emergency of cov19 via resolution without statistics to support the continued emergency.

    Additionally, by not opening up our community, no tax revenue is getting generated. What happens when the city can’t pay bills?”

Perhaps Gov Gruesome Newsom and our local elected and hired government officials are more concerned about losing their share of the $15 billion in state-controlled federal coronavirus dollars.

This is a very slippery slope.  Some armed protestors in Michigan on April 30th resulted in government officials wearing bullet proof vests as protestors were denied access to legislative chambers while their Governor tried to extend her emergency powers due to the virus.

This morning scheduled for 10:40 am, the local Board of Supervisors agenda item number 13 will have an update by Dr. Rehwaldt on Covid 19. Do you suppose anyone will support re-opening the community businesses with just common sense constraints in place like wearing face masks for employees and continuing social distancing?

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