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By Donna Westfall – July 16, 2022

My husband brought out two 28 cent stamps he found in his desk drawer and was wondering if they are still good; and wanted to know how much 1st class mail rates are. I thought they were about 40 cents, but not being sure I looked it up.

As of July 10, rates went up to 60 cents. Since we rarely use the US Postal Service, we were pretty surprised.

What to do? Purchasing Forever Stamps is the ticket. They can be used at any time for a 1st class mail letter. It withstands the test of time and price fluctuations. But this is just one more example that inflation is here to stay for a while.

On the other hand, Sunday, July 17, is National Ice Cream day and some places are giving away free ice cream or discounting their ice cream. Dairy Queen is planning on giving $1 off on their Chocolate Dipped Ice Cream cones….. but you have to use their mobile app to redeem… and it has to be at a participating location. Spoke to Heather at the Brookings, Oregon Dairy Queen and they are not going to be doing anything.

Cici’s Diner and Ice Cream located at 1319 Northcrest in Crescent City. They open at noon and I’ll check with them to see if they have anything going on.

Flowers, flowers everywhere. If you drive by our home on J Street, you’ll see an abundance of blooming flowers. Hydrangea’s, agapanthus, sweet peas, coreopsis, feverfew, tigridia, geraniums, blooming 4 o’clocks, California poppies, gladiola’s, borage, roses, petunias, camellias, irises, Mexican sage and hollyhocks. Our house looks like a florist shop.


A scion is a young shoot or twig used in grafting. While we lived in Southern California we had 18 avocado trees. Producing avocadoes. I’ve got many avocado trees started from seed, but even after years in the ground, no avocadoes. Anyone in Del Norte County have producing avocado trees? If yes, please contact us so we can get some scions to graft onto our trees and hopefully start getting avocadoes to eat.

If you’re a gardener (and are in the habit of trading plants), we’ve got an abundance of borage which attracts bees, chicks n hens succulents, Martha Washington geraniums, and naked ladies bulbs. Come on by and get a few…… bags full. Weeding and thinning out plants is continuing throughout this coming week.

And, I won’t be asking anyone to sign any petitions to repeal taxes. That’s over for now. We should be seeing the repeal of the 1% County and 1% City sales tax called Measure R and Measure S on the November 8 ballot.

Unfortunately, we did not qualify the repeal of the Fire District Tax this time. But, there will be another petition coming out soon to accomplish that.

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