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By Carl DeMaio – April 16, 2024

Even though Californians already pay the highest taxes in the nation, our state and local politicians are still proposing billions in new tax hikes! Here’s what is at stake in the November 2024 election:

  1. Prop 13 Repeal: Politicians have placed TWO initiatives on the November ballot to gut Prop 13 – with their ultimate goal of increasing your property taxes on your home to today’s assessed value!
  2. Mileage Tax: Politicians are proposing a 6-cents per mile tax costing an average of $900 per driver per year!
  3. Utility Tax: AB205 requires all utility companies to switch to an unfair “income-based” utility rate where you will pay higher electricity rates if you “earn too much”
  4. Healthcare Tax: Politicians propose to double California state taxes to fund government-run healthcare – costing average of $16k per household per year
  5. Gas Tax: A new “excess profits” tax will be imposed to increase your gas prices.
  6. Savings Tax: Politicians want a new tax on your personal savings and investments
  7. Exit Tax: And if you finally decide to move from California because of these costly taxes, state politicians want to force you to pay an exit tax for up to 10 years after you leave!


To block all 7 of these tax hikes and fight the local sales tax hikes, we’re asking every fed-up taxpayer to join the campaign to pass the California Taxpayer Protection Initiative in the November 2024 election!

The CA Taxpayer Protection Initiative would block ALL 7 of these tax hikes from being implemented and invalidate most of the local sales tax hikes. The CTPI also requires a statewide vote on any tax hike, a two-thirds vote on local tax hikes, and honest ballot titles with the words “Tax Increase” on any measure that contains a hidden tax increase!

Passing this powerful ballot measure is a GAME-CHANGER to give all California taxpayers billions in relief from our state’s crushing tax burdens.

Carl DeMaio is Chairman of Reform California

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