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7 yr old activist Meet Alicia Serratos, 7 years old.  She has collected nearly 10,000 signatures from people who want to get genetically modified organisms (GMOs) out of Girl Scout cookies.

At 7 years old, she has a better understanding and grasp of the issue than many adults and particularly those at Monsanto that continue to promote Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s) as though they were safe to consume….or as though it is not necessary to label their product so people can make an informed decision.

Watching the blogs taking place over the last couple of years on the pros and cons of GMO’s, I think Candace who labels herself as “Mom and amateur thinker,” says it best in her April 4, 2013 response to scientist, Kevin M. Folta out of Gainesville, Florida:

“We as a populace do not understand the science, I know that genetics are involved. I know that genetics is a relatively new science, I know that there are things such as epigenetics which scientists until not very long ago considered to be pseudoscience. I know that scientists do not fully understand how epigenetics/genetics and environment interact. I do NOT understand the details of how GMOs relate to human genetics/epigenetics.

I do know that the people you are asking me to blindly trust are the same people who have created deadly chemicals that have poisoned the earth (yes I mean Monsanto). Seeing as we live in a capitalist society I must suggest that the onus is on THEM and you and everyone whom advocates for GMOs to TEACH the public exactly why this is not harmful for the human body. I would never purchase a product from any corporation that has this much secrecy and unanswered questions. There is a lot of arrogance among scientists that somehow they are more “intelligent” than the general population capable of grasping concepts others cannot, I truly believe that through circumstances and education most humans can rise to the same levels of intelligence.

So TRY, explain exactly how you are absolutely sure GMOs do not affect our environment to the degree that they can interact with our genetics/epigenetics and cause illness. Or explain WHY we get illnesses that are currently unexplained. Until you can explain every illness you cannot rule anything out. Until Monsanto and other big Ag companies PROVE to me through educational campaigns (spend millions on it, host it in the town square, I don’t care) I am under no obligation to let them infect the world seed supply with their products. If they want people to buy them then they need to prove they are safe through educating the populace to the details of how they work. In summation, the GMO supporters have a horrific PR problem that they do not think is worth addressing.”


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