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By Jill Jennings-McElheney – June 5, 2016 –
Verified Water Poisoned Victim, EPA Region IV
Author of “Sentinel Son” to be Released in 2017

Letter to:

“Neugeboren, Steven” <>, Enviornmental Protection Agency
“David E. Benor” <>, Health and Human Services
“Joanna L. Stettner” <>, Centers for Disease Control
“<>” National Institute of Health

Today is the final day for the four of you to respond to my proposal without you and those you legally advise facing a legal complaint.  I based my submitted proposal on the legal response Steven provided to me last month. (See below)  Evidently, Steven is speaking for all federal agencies’ legal authority on water fluoridation as you can read.

The 2015 collaborative federal panel who recommended ongoing expansion of water fluoridation as published in the Federal Register on 1st of May is especially vulnerable to legal accountability.   This panel was spearheaded by HHS and individuals representing each of your respective agencies signed their names to it.

This final opportunity now to accept my simple proposal in the aftermath of Flint’s catastrophic water poisoning will prevent public backlash for the reckless decision making that has resulted in an emerging national drinking water crisis.   I assume from Steven’s response below that all of you have followed my voluminous emails to keep you informed of insurmountable evidence you can no longer run away from.   All of you continue to promote water fluoridation expansion overtly and covertly contrary to how you spin it that you do not endorse or require it.

You cannot continue to legally defend whole body dosing of neurotoxic, endocrine disrupting, and carcinogenic compounds being deliberately dumped into dwindling safe/clean drinking water supplies.    Drinking water is a consumer product that is sold to millions finished off by deliberately infusing it with an unnecessary poison.  All of you are guilty of knowing the facts and choosing to defend fraud rather than enforce the law.  It is important that you understand without reservation that the residents of Flint were deliberately and unnecessarily kept in harm’s way suffering devastating and irretrievable losses.  Condescending people privy to Flint’s harm working for the federal government did this when the humane choice to legally stop it was snubbed.  No power is granted to any citizen (government employed or not) to knowingly wreck the lives of others with such negligence and disregard.   This has been happening for 70 years with fluoride waste water contamination and exposure.  When the final bill is calculated, the profit amassed by the phosphate mining and dental industry at the expense of lost human potential with astronomical medical and infrastructure costs will be hard to swallow.  It maybe too late then for restoration of any integrity for the federal agencies.

The time to act is now to halt this harm you are defending!  This is a turning point in history.  No longer will regulatory and government personnel sit comfortably behind computer screens wrangling over who is going to throw a life line to people being actively poisoned in real time.

Legal authority granted to EPA to immediately act to protect the public in Flint was not implemented and lead, Legionella, trihalomethanes, and FLUORIDE harmed residents for almost two years.   The EPA emergency order finally declared this winter serves as nothing more than a damage control clean up.   The damage has been done.  The clean up indefinitely.   EPA faces a $220 million lawsuit filed by the residents of Flint.

During this two years Flint was being intentionally water poisoned, I met with and corresponded with high level personnel from your federal agencies who also chose not to listen to the experts on water fluoridation.   These federal employees are highly accountable now due to the fact they had authority to act within a legal infrastructure to halt fluoridation but instead falsely promoted antiquated science and guaranteed in writing that fluoride pollution concentrate was safe, effective, and a beneficial poison.  This was very egregious due to the fact your agencies were meeting together without disclosure at the same time to continue expanding water fluoridation with the full knowledge of how many people in the nation were already over exposed to fluoride including those being actively poisoned in Flint.   It is time to acknowledge water poisoned victims across the nation, and provide them rights to drinking water free of fluoride pollution.

This duplicitous culture that the federal agencies can collaborate to expand ongoing harm from water fluoridation but not suspend it is without legal merit and demands immediate accountability.  I have worked in good faith as a verified water poisoned victim to allow the agencies to redeem yourselves and offer an integrity building initiative with this final proposal.

It has come to my attention today that EPA and local agencies have rescued 100,000 northern Alabama citizens from perfluorochemicals to the disdain and embarrassment of the state governor.  Your work with the West Morgan East Lawrence Water Authority is commendable.  This is the authority that had it been called upon and implemented would have saved 100,000 Flint residents as they were actively being poisoned.  This is the authority to save lives.   It is what you would want for yourself and those you love in harm’s way.

I ask that you accept my proposal today on the last day so we can move forward and protect the American people from fluoride pollution contaminating our drinking water.

Thank you,

Jill Jennings-McElheney
Verified Water Poisoned Victim, EPA Region IV
Author of “Sentinel Son” to be Released in 2017
tapoutfluoride_  on Instagram a social media campaign for athletes being harmed by fluoride polluted tap

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