Thu. May 23rd, 2024


Daves Sign 003

Sign posted at the corner of “J” and “Cooper” streets in Crescent City.



An owner can sign for their properties.

The owner does NOT have to live at the property.

The owner does NOT have to pay the sewer bill.

The owner can sign for ALL their properties.


Renters CANNOT sign if the sewer is included in their rent.

Renters CAN sign  if the sewer bill is in their name.

Try to put a sewer account number down on the protest letter.


You can pick up forms or fill out forms at the following locations:

937 J St next to 9th Street Liquor

Wayside Liquors on Hwy 101

Crescent City Glass on Northcrest

Superette Market on the corner of Humboldt and Elk Valley Road

Investment Realty on Parkway

Fisherman’s Restaurant on Hwy 101

Last day to turn in signatures protesting the rate increase is May 19th, 6 pm at Flynn Center located on 9th Street in Crescent City.

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