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By Samuel Strait – Reporter at Large – June 1, 2022

Our State’s Governor, Gavin Newsom has come down with a dreaded disease,
something akin to that which afflicts the Biden Administration at the
Federal level.  Its called “spend money like there is no tomorrow”.  Not
that it appears to trouble either “leader”, rapidly rising inflation is
one of the symptoms, no real solutions found in the massive outlays
another, but it does give each man something to talk about.  If only
November were to hurry up and get here and the reckless spending
burdening the State’s voters were to collide with reality, then order
could be restored.  If only.

In the mean time over $8 Billion in spending from taxpayer wallets for
“rent relief”.  Governor “Hair Gel”, still locked in Covid-19 hysteria,
is making renters and landlords all giddy with the knowledge that a
million Californians have had their hands held for the past two plus
years when it came to paying the rent. An additional $2.7 Billion to
allow the free spending Governor to extend the program to July.  Then
what?  Maybe a million Californians are going to have to go back to
work.  Plenty of jobs available, and have been for months.  Time to get
off the couch.

Of course the “empty suit has an answer for that as well, nearly $110
Million dollars for the couch dwellers to go back to school in for now
one of five of the State’s regional education districts.  Plans are
under way for more spending to include the rest of the State’s thirteen
regional districts.  The intent is to “retain” the students through
“inclusion support”, code for “pay the rent” while being educated. This
is mixed with six other lofty  recommendations to foster cradle to
career opportunities towards meaningful high paying jobs in health care,
education, business management, and engineering/computing.  What’s next,
skip all the nonsense of independent living and let the Newsom/Biden
cabal pay for everything, cradle to grave.  Fascinating.

As our local power elite edges towards an expanding government, Newsom’s
California has done so on steroids.  Hardly a day goes by without the
“carefully coiffured” Newsom appearing behind a well publicized
microphone announcing some other new mega billion dollar proposal.  The
grandiose nature of Newsom’s reign should at least raise some Democrat
eyebrows, as they surely must be feeling the pain of this explosion of
spending.  Not as though the assembly has been occupied with any effort
to change direction, after all everyone is focused on gun control,
abortion, prolonging the pandemic, censorship, and climate change.  What
else is there? Oh, you mean paying the bills, filling the gas tank,
buying groceries, crime, flooding the border with illegals, that kind of
minor inconvenience.  Aah, nothing to see here, Newsom and the Assembly
are hard at it for what really is on the minds of the “Walmart
Shoppers”, not the more mundane trivialities of life.

If only it worked, spending like there is no tomorrow, except there is a
“tomorrow”, and we are spending tomorrow’s money at an alarming rate. 
The cost to Californians since Hair Gel has been in office has been
dizzying with no discernible end or results. He just keeps spending, as
have those at our local level.  The time is coming for something in Del
Norte County to be done about it.  Sign the repeal effort to end Measure
“R” and the Crescent Fire Protection District fire tax.  Measure “S” has already passed muster and
will appear on the Ballot in November.  Sign up to add Measure “R” and
the fire tax to the list.  The Board of Supervisors and County
Government need to learn what all adults have come to face, live within
your means.  Necessities come first such as police, fire, and emergency
services, then perhaps if money allows all the “wants and wishes” that
ordinarily can be done without.  Its called growing up and taking place
as a responsible adult in life.

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