Sun. May 19th, 2024

By Branden Bieber – March 6, 2024

In another display of Government’s inability to deliver proven energy policy or sustainable utility and
infrastructure upgrades and maintenance, the Del Norte Resilient Energy Committee laid the
groundwork for Del Norte County to capitalize on the Federal Governments printing of American
Currency to float wind turbines off our Diverse California and Oregon Coastline.

The hosted town hall was held at the Methodist church, Saturdays March 2 nd , 2024. The panel of State, Federal, and Non-profit employees revealed no solid plan, but promised shared goals and investments to mitigate hazards. Their jobs are dependent on wind turbines off our Coast, and ours could be too.

If you can work for an agency who applies for the promised money and allows Government to invest in large scale utility research and development, invention, and installation of wind turbines off our coast. Regardless of not having blueprints, or a working prototype in ocean depths greater than a mile, Government policy seems entitled to enforce this unproven technology on our shores.

Under the disguise of the Tri-Agency, the Joint Powers Agreement allows the Committee Members to
receive compensation for time spent. Further expanding Government and led by Chris Howard the Tri-
Agency allows for the continued misuse of public funds for individual political and financial gain.

Instead of continuously taxing and raising fees on the majority of poverty-stricken families in Del Norte, local leadership should consider making Del Norte County tax exempt to “any” green energy/renewable
resource business.

Jobs continue to leave Del Norte and the States, while the real-estate market is being dictated by conglomerates forcing working families OUT.

Is Humboldt County Wind Farm a moon shot for sustainable energy? Are politician blowing HOT AIR! Or,
will they realize better options without the unknown risk?

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