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By Kevin Kiley – January 19, 2024

Last night was an important victory. My bill, the PRESS Act, passed the full House of Representatives. This landmark legislation protects the First Amendment against government overreach. You can watch my presentation on the House Floor here.

But this and other recent victories can’t overshadow the basic reality: Newsom’s California and Biden’s America are a disaster wrapped in a catastrophe. I took to the Floor yesterday and absolutely lit up the President over the insanity that reigns at the Southern border.

Newsom, meanwhile, is trying to conceal the damage he’s caused. Last week, he tried to claim the state’s staggering $68 billion deficit is “only” $38 billion. The non-partisan Legislative Analyst quickly swatted down that accounting magic.

Gov. Gavin Newsom

It’s no wonder a new poll shows Californians disapprove of Newsom and the direction of the state. As a sign of how thoroughly we’ve debunked his “model for the nation” fantasy, a recent LA Times story was headlined: “California-bashing is a constant occurrence on Iowa campaign trail.”

The Times article notes that Newsom is a bigger “villain” than Biden for voters. Yet for some reason, Biden continues to copy him. I joined Bridget Phetasy’s popular podcast to discuss the most alarming example yet: a new Biden order that nationalizes California’s AB 5 debacle.

We are fighting in every possible way to stop this policy from destroying millions of livelihoods. It’s a fight we can win: after all, we already defeated the nomination of Newsom’s AB-5-enforcer, Julie Su (though, incredibly, Biden has just ­re-nominated her for Labor Secretary).

Julie Su

Finally, I joined the Epoch Times for a Special Report on the illegal Chinese bio lab. The investigation I requested revealed truly disturbing information. Now, we’re demanding answers as to why Newsom invited the lab to California and why Biden’s CDC left it oozing with pathogens.

Help me stop the Biden/Newsom catastrophe

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Kevin Kiley is a California Congressman

One thought on “A Disaster Wrapped in a Catastrophe”
  1. Adam Schiff has to be swatted down in California. Schiff is another disaster like Pelosi, Newsom, and like himself at the WH.

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