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By Angry Old American

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What are we to do now that Satan has released all of his most valuable children from prison onto the streets of California? The Devil dumped tens of thousands of dangerous killers, rapists, child molesters, robbers, and other assorted thugs onto our streets; and also instituted a “No Cash Bail” system in order to immediately release them when they re-offend. At the same time, Sacramento is bound-and-determined to strip law-abiding citizens of their Second Amendment means for self-defense!

What to do now that the criminals control our communities?

There are a few possible solutions to the closure of Pelican Bay State Prison (PBSP), and the subsequent gradual local slide into complete anarchy. Seceding from California and either joining “Greater Idaho” or “The State of Jefferson” would offer two possible options. Both Greater Idaho and the State of Jefferson would benefit from having a maximum security prison to house their most violent felons, or those destined for the gallows. Admitted, the pay and benefits would not be as generous as presently offered by California; but this State is on the brink of bankruptcy and collapse, so Guards should gratefully take whatever they can get. If they choose to go down with the Titanic, then by all means they should cling for dear life to any opportunity to serve “California Justice.” Perhaps these relocated guards can participate in group hugs, primal screaming sessions, and therapeutic massages to released prisoners in Department of Corrections funded Rehabilitation Bath Houses; or whatever other lunatic ideas come from Sacramento.

Another option, if we choose to remain in California, is to re-purpose and renovate Pelican Bay State Prison. We are watching the collapse of social order in California, where all of the criminals have been released to run wild on the streets. If our prisons operated efficiently during years of law and order to keep inmates confined within; then they can function to keep them OUT!

If Del Norte County remains in Lawless California, then the good law-abiding citizens will eventually require a safe refuge to find sanctuary. It is just a matter of time before these released felons form gangs in order to compete for street turf with Border Cartels moving freely into the United States. Average citizens, you and I, will provide prey and sustenance for both Border Cartels and Domestic Street Gangs. For millennia, “Forts” provided protection to surrounding communities during violent uprisings. During the collapse of the Roman Empire, rural farmers and craftsmen from nearby towns would retreat into fortresses and be incorporated into the ranks of soldiers for mutual defense against Barbarian Hoards. Only after social order was restored were these forts abandoned.

Pelican Bay State Prison is located in appropriately named “Fort Dick.” PBSP has a cleared perimeter, which gives it a clear field of fire from already existing guard towers. These towers provide elevated lookout areas and firing positions. Between the towers, and encircling the existing prison are two tall fences topped with razor-wire. These fences had a lethal electrified fence in the middle when PBSP was first constructed. Between these towers and fences, and the housing units is a bare, gravel coated “No Mans Land” which would proved a perfect “Kill Zone.”

Few renovations would be needed in order to convert PBSP into a Fort. What we have is the foundation and existing infrastructure to serve as refuge for the law-abiding members of this community when 911 becomes a thing of the past.

What do you envision to happen after Pelican Bay State Prison is closed? How long do you expect our police, fire, and emergency medical system to continue after the total collapse of law and order? What happens when California goes bankrupt?

3 thoughts on “A Future for PBSP?”
  1. Correct, deactivation and closure are two separate issues; however, it is the intent of the Department of Corrections to close eight prisons by 2028. Inmate population has been decreased by nearly 50% since Newsom came into office due to his opposition to mass incarceration. Inmate population in California has gone from 180,000 to less than 90,000. He has closed the last private prison as well as one State prison, in the latest round of closures along with six cell block deactivations, Pelican Bay being among them. Pelican Bay currently houses about 1700 inmates. The Correctional Officers Association has been advised by memo to expect further prison closures and Pelican Bay is fourth on the list of prisons earmarked for closure. I will let you figure out just what that means.
    Additionally, Pelican Bay was built on wet lands and already will require significant attention to its rapidly deteriorating infrastructure. It, as well, requires substantial funding for transportation, services, and health care due to its remote location. Coupled with the fact that currently California has no need for a “Super Max” prison, it’s present population is about half of it’s capacity, other prisons with capacity are better located, and require less expense to operate, again, I will let you figure out whether Pelican Bay survives beyond 2028.

  2. The Governor has not ordered a full closure of PBSP.
    Linda Sutter wrote an article on this, and her facts are correct, the only area effected is Facility C.
    Facility C is a deactivation, meaning it can be reopened at any time.
    Closure and deactivation are two separate entities.

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