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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – October 29, 2021

Reading a recent article in RedState, then the original letter on the
Slate.com website, it appears that the Karen Syndrome has taken full
control in some American households.  Karen Harner is not alone in her
obsessive efforts to be “safe” from all Covid eventualities.  It is hard
to believe that this “helicopter mom”,not Karen Harner, ( yes, I hadn’t
heard the term before), could be so obsessive to treat her own child in
such an over bearing fashion in the name of providing safety from Covid
in a world that has long recognized the risks to young children is even
rarer than their trips to ICUs.

One should feel sorry for the 11 year old female child that is the
subject of her mother’s Covid obsessions, but it is likely to be a
scenario played out in many Liberal/Progressive households. It seems
that the child in question after being thoroughly familiarized with all
the potential Covid behavioral violations, the household adults left the
child alone in the house unattended for “just a short time”.  Upon
returning they were welcomed home with the sight of their daughter
entertaining a neighborhood friend sitting on the living room couch
without masks, eating potato chips out of the same bowl.  Horrors!  The
distraught mother immediately sent the offending visitor home with a
request that the mother of that child telephone her on the child’s arrival.

The mother went on to say her child was instantly quarantined for two
weeks, she disinfected the entire house and opened windows to eliminate
the threat of infection.  In the course of the mother’s letter, the
Slate counselor was informed both the girl’s “partners” were vaccinated
and the girl was being educated from home to avoid those nasty old
public schools.  Granted the child was allowed visitation rights with
some of her friends over the year and a half in lockup, but the child
was only allowed visitation privileges outside, wearing a mask, suitably
distanced, and no touching or sharing.

It seems the “helicopter mom” no longer trusts her child to “follow the
rules” and has asked the Slate Counselor for advice as to how she can
possibly ever trust the child again.  In the correct setting this
example could be made into a moment of Comedy Central humor.  Doubtless
neither the child or her mother would be on board with such levity.  It
does go to show just how far out of whack people with children can get
after a steady media diet of Covid Horror.  It is not unreasonable to
think that a mom who is that far gone about Covid is similarly gone
about far worse.  One only has to think about the hysteria generated
around climate alarmism, critical race theory, white supremacy, systemic
racism, social justice and any number of left-wing pieces of swill.

The easily manipulated by media manipulators have embraced all sorts of
propaganda foisted on this country’s citizens by bad actors on the
left.  It is a sad state of affairs.  While this may be an extreme
example of the craziness surrounding the Covid Pandemic and its impact
on this Country, the response to it has created lasting damage to this
Country for some time to come.  It is unlikely that this “helicopter
mom” will ever see the light, and her child will suffer for it.


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