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By Congressman Kevin Kiley – March 20, 2023

It was a rough week for Newsom. The Legislature rejected his gas tax. Two courts ruled against AB 5. And he cancelled his State of the State speech for lack of accomplishments.

AB 5 is the reason I started calling Newsom America’s most corrupt Governor, even before his COVID self-coronation. And the enforcer of this corruption, who destroyed the livelihoods of countless Californians, was Newsom’s hand-picked Labor Secretary: Julie Su.

With Su now up for the same role in Biden’s cabinet, I’m leading the opposition on Capitol Hill. But last week I was back at our own Capitol, where state lawmakers joined me in opposing Su’s nomination. Our message: if California is a “model,” as Newsom says, it is a model of failure.

That failure is currently on spectacular display in another way. As captured in this shocking footage I took from Folsom, we are releasing 20,000 cubic feet of water per second into the ocean because there’s no place to store it.

This is why I am co-sponsoring the California WATER Act. I’ll soon be announcing new accountability measures to give Californians the water storage they’ve already paid for and put an end to the absurdity of simultaneous drought-floods.
Meanwhile, the unions are going on strike again in Los Angeles Unified, meaning yet another school shutdown for 420,000 students. This dysfunctional district is a huge liability for our whole state. I am officially calling for it to be broken up.

It’s just the latest example of why my School Choice Amendment is so important. This week, it will be voted on by the full House as part of the Parents Bill of Rights.

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