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Credit to the Madison County Record, (Arkansas) by Preston Tolliver Managing Editor – April 12, 2017 – A hearing for a lawsuit in which the Madison County Regional Water District is challenging state law that would require the water district to fluoridate its water will be held at the Madison County Courthouse Monday morning, April 17th at 10 am.

Get this.

“The district filed suit against the Arkansas Department of Health and a number of other officials within the department in March 2016 after refusing to comply with Act 197 of 2011, which requires water systems to fluoridate their water supply should funding be made available for the project. According to the Arkansas Department of Health’s website, the Delta Dental of Arkansas Foundation pledged up to $20 million over a five-year period to fund the installation of fluoridation equipment in public water systems.”

At issue is the term “water system.”

According to documents filed in the Madison County Circuit Court, the water district is arguing that it doesn’t fall under the scope of the law because, rather than supplying water directly to users, it supplies to two local utilities – therefore arguing that it is not a “water system” as defined by the act.

The Department of Health has a different interpretation. Their attorney’s will be arguing that the Act of 197 and the law clearly covers any “water system” whether it’s wholesale or retail.

Wouldn’t it be interesting if a few dozen people packed the courtroom wearing T-shirts with sayings like, “Fluoride is poison, keep the ‘F’ out,” within eyesight of the judge?


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