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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – February 16, 2022

America’s most liberal city just recalled from office 3 school board members who refused to open schools. The political earthquake of 2022 has begun.

It was not even close. 79% of San Franciscans voted to oust Board Member Alison Collins. Board Member Gabriela Lopez was recalled by 75% of voters and Faauuga Moliga was removed by 72%.  

Also yesterday, after large campus protests, El Dorado Union High School District announced it will no longer force students to wear masks. It’s really that simple.

And in more excellent news, a new poll is brutal for Newsom. Just 11% of voters say he’s doing a good job on homelessness, 20% on crime, 27% on schools. 

Politicians might finally be getting the message. The Public Safety Committee just agreed to vote on my bill to repeal Prop. 47. Together we’ve built a movement, and it’s starting to upend politics at every level.

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One thought on “A Political Earthquake”
  1. Thank you for all you are doing for California and Californians. Together we can make this state great again.

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