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By Michael Ceremello – January 29, 2017 –

I have been contemplating the bleating, or should I say oinking, of the regressive Progressives who are acting like the stuck swine they are.  Rather than being totally judgmental and castigating them for their views and opinions, I quickly came upon a rapid solution to demonstrate, shall we say, their ignorance and illogic.  I would have used the word “stupid” but none of these people are dumb.  They are misguided.

While wallowing in the mud of their own liberal minds, very few cognitive people fail to recognize these Leftists are verifying to all of us the baseness of their societal evolvement.  Perhaps that is of itself just another attack on “White culture”.  Prim and proper has been displaced by cursing, gross metaphors, and pants down showing the proverbial plumber’s crack.  James Bond’s classiness has given way to Jamel’s hoodiness, if there even is such a word.

I have no problem with Ashley Judd or Madonna making fools of themselves by opening their mouths.  What seems to be missing is an assessment of their logic and desires to continue the failed policies of the post-Reagan area.  There is also not a clear understanding of the grandeur of a business like approach to governance from the highest office in the land.

Most of us have never experienced a “twelve step” program.  To paraphrase the first step, it is all about recognizing you have a problem.  Rather than putting my faith in God or assuming my incapability of handling a problem by myself, I recognize a problem when I see it and then I look for a solution to solve it.  When you can’t even recognize you have a problem, like many on both the Right and Left, you never take that next logical step.

Let’s take a look at one of the primary duties of the Federal government, that of national defense.  The Left rejects this out of hand because they are the children of the Viet-Nam era, anti-War and anti-Establishment.  The progressives view America as being militarily hawkish, colonialists, and abusive of human rights.  Certainly to some extent, governmental actions can be misconstrued if the larger picture isn’t considered or if those in power have allowed their military arm to become less than honorable.

The Left’s solution, under Carter, Clinton, and Obama, was to decimate the military by defunding it and by decreasing its size.  Then the same regressive Left complains when conservatives have to rebuild the military.  The Left doesn’t “hate” America as much as they hate conflict.  The Left would tie the hands of the person who would confront the bully in the playground while protecting the right of the bully to just be who he is.

Theodore Roosevelt is well known for having said, “Speak softly and carry a big stick.”  Roosevelt described his style of foreign policy as “the exercise of intelligent forethought and of decisive action sufficiently far in advance of any likely crisis”.  Theodore was a progressive on many issues but at least understood his duty to protect his country.

I can’t quite fathom the Left’s proclivity for embracing the concept of always living in fear of “what might happen”.  I would point out we would all be speaking Russian right now except for the nuclear deterrent of mutual destruction.  Now the problem lies in dealing with irrational religious zealots who don’t care about genocide as much as in creating their male dominated Caliphate.

So along comes Donald Trump.  Trump tells you the military needs to be modernized, not to be used for aggression but for the ability to protect our country from those who would kill us.  You know, the ones who are truly homophobic, misogynist, and brutally repressive of Western culture.

Are Americans entering foreign lands, yelling “Christ is great”, or “America uber alles” while beheading or otherwise terminating the lives of others whose only guilt is being part of another culture?  The Left decries the “extreme vetting” of Muslims wanting to come into America.  The Left also doesn’t want their voter base of illegal “latino” voters to disappear.  There appears to be a mental disconnect or denial of reality, given the many examples of violence from both groups.

Changing subjects, we are looking at the repeal of Obamacare which many within our uneducated populace don’t realize is the exact same thing as the misnamed Affordable Care Act.  While the Left whines about the loss of medical coverage for 20 million people, I am not enamored of the sky high monthly insurance premiums or the loss of my physician of choice.  It is not your responsibility to pay more so others can get coverage for free.  We already had that with free emergency services which was bankrupting many hospitals.

The Right is no better on this subject.  As was pointed out by a couple of Sacramento talk show hosts, the Right has had a number of years to prepare to offer a better solution.  Now they want to say they don’t know what to do?

The free market was, is, and always will be the solution.  Remove interstate restrictions on insurers.  Proceed with tort reform.  When prices come down below the cost of a house payment, which is where they are now, most will again be able to afford coverage.  Create charitable institutions, rather than relying on governmental largesse and subsidies, to help those who truly need the help.  Just because you have higher economic priorities in buying a bottle of booze or a bag of weed should not qualify you for aid.

The bottom line here is the United States has been run by the Left on a national level much as they have run Detroit, Chicago, and Baltimore for eight years.  Perhaps you are employed by the largest employer in the Nation so you have no complaints.  The majority of our citizens, excluding the dead, multiple voters, and illegal element aside, has decided things aren’t better.

Most of us are done “hoping for change” especially seeing the divisiveness to our civil society and destruction or demonizing of those who are employed to protect us.  Hope is just like praying.  Neither gets you where you want to be except by temporal coincidence.  Sometimes you have to go back to what has worked given your ivory tower theories haven’t resulted in your nirvana.

Trump is doing what needs to be done.  Obstructionists on both the Right and Left need to get out of his way.  At the speed he is going, within a year we will all know the wisdom or fallacy of his actions.  The same applies on the local level if you have luckily received a changing of the guard …


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