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By Assemblyman Kevin Kiley – January 30, 2022

Late on Friday, Gavin Newsom’s handpicked EDD Director resigned. This comes after I questioned the Director at a recent hearing.

Her answers were baffling. She couldn’t say why we have the highest unemployment in America. She couldn’t say if a single person was fired over the $31 billion in fraud.

Newsom has presided over the EDD train wreck for two years without improvement. Of all his failures, this may be the second biggest. The worst, of course, is schools. 

On that front, I have some good news. Over 100 school board members have signed the letter opposing Newsom’s mask/vaccine mandates and demanding an end to the emergency. Here is the full list of signatories.

Finally, I had almost forgotten. I turn 37 today. I’ve been convinced to take a few hours off to watch the 49ers game. But then it will be back to work: we have a colossal battle these next few months, with so much at stake for our state and country.

All I’d ask from you today is the support I need to be successful. Perhaps you can help with one of these amounts:    

$3.70      $37      $370      $3700

I’m making out my campaign budget now and need to know how many signs, mailers, and TV ads I’ll be able to afford. To take our fight to Washington, we need to reach over a half million voters.

I’d be truly grateful for your help before tomorrow’s end-of-month deadline.

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