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By Congressman Kevin Kiley – March 24, 2023

The Parents Bill of Rights has passed the House of Representatives, with the final bill incorporating my School Choice Amendment.

This landmark legislation protects the right of parents to know what curriculum and reading materials schools are using, to control their child’s data and privacy, and to enroll in the school of their choice.

It is a testament to the strength of the growing parents movement that even Joe Biden has not ruled out signing the legislation. During the floor debate, I invoked this week’s LA Unified strike/shutdown as an illustration of why the bill is needed.

On a related note, yesterday was our hearing on the Attorney General’s attempt to silence parents by branding them “domestic terrorists.” Incredibly, the House Minority tried to change the topic to the phantom issue of “book bans,” leading to my heated exchange with the Democrat witness.

This week, I also delivered two major speeches on the House Floor. The first was about California’s absurd water policies, with an image on my right of water pouring into the ocean and on my left of Newsom’s draconian drought restrictions. The shaming worked: Newsom just ended several drought-related orders.

The second speech was on the two major court victories last week against AB 5, which were a major blow to Newsom and – even more so – to the enforcer of his corruption, Julie Su.

The timing couldn’t be worse for Su, whose nomination for U.S. Labor Secretary is stalling: confirmation hearings have now been delayed several weeks. Following my speech, several more national groups declared their opposition.

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