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By Samuel Strait, Report at Large – October 10, 2021

It is simply amazing in the “Golden State”, that our illustrious
Governor has his priorities on the straight and narrow.  Another summer
of massive wildfires, homelessness out of control, an educational system
in tatters, population decline, water shortages, electrical brown outs,
exploding increase in violent crime, affordable housing shortages, major
corporations fleeing the state, state regulation strangling
transportation, shortages of staple goods, a major oil spill in Southern
California, and on and on.  Good thing Governor Hair Gel is still on the
job, thanks to the “NO” votes in the recent recall election.  His
legislative and leadership priorities will save the day.  Let me see
now, just what are they?

In order to combat the massive oil spill in the waters fronting
Huntington Beach, likely caused by one of the thousands of  ships
anchored waiting to be unloaded in the Port of Los Angeles, but can’t
due to inefficiency of Union dock workers and lack of truck
transportation, Governor “Empty Suit” signed into law a bill that would
ban leaf blowers and lawn equipment like lawn mowers by 2024. 
Apparently those pesky gas powered menaces to society are a far higher
priority to Californians than the “minor” issue off Huntington Beach. 
Thus it has the governor’s undivided attention.

After condemning Texas’ heartbeat law, Governor Hair Gel found time on
his busy list of priorities to sign into law the “Momnibus” Act which is
an effort to improve infant and maternal health.  What?  Can kill
infants with abortions, but wants to “improve infant and maternal
health” without even a consideration of the conflict.  Seems he is very
considerate when  talking about a woman’s right to choose, yet not so
considerate “FOR THE INFANT’S HEALTH” when it comes to that of a woman
when taking the life of her child.

Governor Hair Gel continued on his romp through other bits of priority
legislation which allow children to hide abortions from their parents,
and gender affirming therapy.  Nothing like a fourteen year old to be
mature enough to decide whether or not to have an abortion without
counsel from her parents, but hey, liberal progressives have long held
being a parent is irrelevant in a child’s life, let them decide for
themselves from birth. What possible could be wrong with that?

After clearing up the “emergency priorities” coming across his desk,
Governor “Empty Suit” fastened on that critical piece of learning, that
is oh so missing in California’s educational curriculum, “ethnic
studies”.   In a educational system where half the graduates can barely
read or write, it is of the utmost urgency for students to have mandated
a full year of “ethnic studies” in order to graduate.  Wouldn’t want the
little cherubs to be unaware of the differing ethnicities in the world,
but wait how are they going to do that if they can’t read?  Not to
worry, maybe a vaccine can be developed.

The cherry on top of the “priority list” is the recent signing into law
that all retailers with 500 or more employees, not sure what that has to
do with anything, must have a “gender neutral” area in the store to sell
certain toys and child care products outside of gender specific areas. 
The edict is to take effect in 2024.  Retailers can continue to sell
gender specific toys “if they wish, but must have the gender neutral
area”.  Fortunately Hair Gel had little to say about this foolishness,
just as well. This gives all Californians a taste of what is important
for His Highness Newsom  and the California legislative body.  Certainly
not a list where anything that is truly important for many of those that
reside in the State, but who cares.  The “NO” voters have spoken.

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