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By Donna Westfall – March 7, 2018 – Whenever you go into a huge store like WalMart or Home Depot, do you sometimes wander around looking for stuff but not seeing them?  Such was our dilemma the other day.  Finally, we stopped and asked Steve in gardeing at Home Depot where things were.

Neem oil – if we had been any closer it could have bit us.  Kinda like looking for your glasses you pushed up on your head and you don’t see it. Steve, pointed that Neem oil right out, which was in front of our eyes.

Compost Maker powder- It’s in the outside garden department.  I never would have found it if it hadn’t been for Steve walking me right to it.

After installing our newly made 55 gallon drum made into a compost tumbler, come to find out that there are no recipes on the internet that tell you how many pounds of kitchen scraps to mix with lawn clippings, weeds and leaves. So, in order to get enough “browns = carbon” mixed with “greens = nitrogen” they recommend pouring in compressed pellets made from sawdust.  These you can get for about $5.50 for a 40 pound sack at Parkway Feed.

The Town Hall Meeting held at Fisherman’s Restaurant discussed the following this morning:

1,  The Feds have sued the state of California over SB 54 – law enforcement. This was covered in an article in this publication, “Trump DOJ Sues California.”

2.  The clean up on Hwy 101 scheduled for this Saturday, March 10th at 9 am will in all liklihood not have a donated Bobcat to use.  Now get this.  The reason being that one state agency is battling another state agency. Take a wild guess?  If you guessed the California Coastal Commission (CCC) vs Fish and Wildlife you would be correct.  It appears that CCC wants an enviornmental impact report and permits and….. ad nauseum on all of their requriements which could easily take five years and thousands of dollars, before allowing a Bobcat to foul up the environment.  Doesn’t it make you wonder why the CCC is not jumping up and down about the homeless fouling up the environment which makes it imperative for volunteers to clean up after them? Let’s just call them dueling agencies.

Learned that if the Governor doesn’t sign a bill in 10 days, it’s the equivalent of a veto.  It takes 25 Senators to override a veto, and 148 Assemblymen to override a veto.

Need to investigate our County road repair budget.  It sounds like SB1 funds are going to be used to do a chip seal on District 4’s roads, including Kellogg Road plus four others.  Chip seal, in my book, is a waste of money.  What gets me is the $15,000 per mile expense.  And, why only District 4?  Well, it’s something to investigate.





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  1. Chip seal LMAO. The county recently chip sealed Parkway Drive. Go take a look… there are foot wide strips miles long that never got sealed or chipped. Earlier the county did Elk Valley Road and left a surface as rough as a cobb. This is referred to as wash board. The question should be, who approved payment for this crap? Or better yet who got paid off?

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