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Opinion Piece By Donna Westfall – October 22, 2018  –

With election season in full swing, lawn signs displayed and forum’s held (and candidates not showing); this morning’s discussion at The Daily Town Hall Meeting held from 6 – 7 am at Fisherman’s Restaurant  ranged from DACA, to anchor babies, to illegal alliens, to mandatory ID in order to vote and more.

Life is about change and change is in the wind. The sign that used to be a receptacle for grafitti on Hwy 101 near Elk Valley Road is now painted like the American flag.

Think about this: We have tons of apples that go to waste every fall.  Why is there no organized apple industry? Apple juice.  Applesauce.  Apple pastries and pies. We need industry and we need to create jobs.  Why has no one thought about this industry?

The Fairgounds to be audited:  In an October 18th letter from John Quiroz, Chief of the Fairs and Exposition Branch of the California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA), an audit is to be made of the 1/4 cent sales tax for Measure F funding.   CDFA  will work with the fairgrounds boards as to the timing of the audit.

I plan on interviewing John Cox this week.  He’s running against Gavin Newsom, former Mayor of San Francisco and current Lt. Gov.  Well, how many of you want to vacation in San Francisco anymore?  I don’t.  I remember always looking forward to a San Francisco stay.  Now, if my husband has to go to the VA, I don’t even care to go.  We used to look forward to the huge selection of restaurants.  But hotel/motel prices are through the roof.  Congestion is awful.  Homelessness is rampant.  Ugh….. not a destination spot any longer in my mind.

Speaking of John Cox, it’s time for a businessman to take over this state.  There has been such poor leadership, so much red tape, union strangleholds and so many regulations that just two of our biggest problems: affordable housing and public education are a mess.  Talking about a mess, I heard that the DMV uses computers that are 30 years old.  Unimaginable.

Cox is outspoken about the corruption and incompetence that is on-going in our state.  Just think about the “bullet train.”  Waste, waste and more waste.  I liked hearing Cox say he’d talk to Elon Musk about solutions and not rely on a train that might someday be built at excessive overruns to go from LA to Bakersfield, the armpit of California. Who travels between LA and Bakersfield?

I sincerely hope that Mr. Cox can pull it off.  I just hope that the voters of this once great state realize the dire straits we are in and believe it can be turned around and corrected.

If you have any questions you’d like me to ask the candidate, please let me know.




3 thoughts on “About Town”
    1. Here’s the actual link, since you did not provide it, J.

      This sign also made it in the new in 2015:

      According to the Del Norte Triplicate “But after weathering the elements for several decades it was rusted, its paint was chipped and the flowerbed it sat in was overgrown with weeds. Until volunteers with Take A Bite out of Blight stepped in.”

      The property is owned by OceanView Inn, Inc, with the registered agent of Eileen Brown.

      If you want to know more about why this blighted property isn’t managed very well, perhaps you could send mail directly to:

      1672 Northcrest Drive
      Crescent City, CA 95531

      If you look at the ownership of all properties on south side of Crescent City HWY 101 stretch, you would be alarmed at who the owners are and how they came into ownership of all the land.

      I would love to know more as to how this “arrow” got to be in the news when more important issues than a neglected sign does go completely not noticed.

  1. I am going to start going to those town halls just to broaden the topic away from immigration a little. Not much range between DACA, anchor babies, illegal aliens and mandatory ID law, seems like our town hall is too obsessed with immigration.

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