Sun. May 19th, 2024

     Now that the news of Tsunami Landing’s destructon is becoming more public, people will cry to the City Council that they care about it and want to keep it.  But their pleas will fall on deaf ears, as usual.  In case people are unaware, our mayor has a website with designs for the entire city, aned Tsunami Landing is one of them.  Since the reasoning for tearing down the landing instead of repairing it is rather thin, because it’s not up to code – one can only assume an alternative agenda at play.

     This is reminiscent of the Business Iprovement District debacle that had Mayor Charles Slerrt and Councilwoman Kelly Schellong opposing the will of the majority for reasons unknown , and threatening to boycott downtown businesses.  I hope this doesn’t turn into a trend.  

     Meanwhile, if we want to keep our historical landing and protect it from special interest, we will have to fight for it. 


(NOTE:  By the time this article was submitted, the majority of Tsunami Landing had been torn down.)

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