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By Donna Westfall – January 7, 2021

From this posting and video put up on Twitter, and copied to mewe.com, “Stop the Steal Group,” the shooter does not look like Capitol Police. What do you think?

  1. I want to know why Pelosi is responsible for the safety of the capitol and let this happen she runs around it’s everyone else problem, she and the democratic party are just as guilty. Where is justice now?

  2. Please explain why the person in the video who fired the shot felt compelled to shoot, irregardless of whether or not they were plain clothed? I saw absolutely no evidence that the shooter was in danger in any way. Please explain rather than making pointless observations. This shooting should not have happened.

    1. I’m by no means justifying the shooting. However, I’m under the impression that this specific location had members of congress being evacuated just down the hall (visible in the background) at this time. For the officer, it is one thing to allow the intruders in when you know those they are after are safe, it is another when you know you are all that is between members of congress and an angry mob, some who were chanting “hang Mike Pence” (I’m not saying she was, but if the officer can hear those chants, you have to believe the threat is real). I feel bad for the officer put in this situation. Assuming they had it available, a non-lethal deterrent would have been a good choice here.

      On a side note, what on earth was she thinking? She has a husband, a family, and she decides to be the first one through the door? She is breaking into a federal building by force, knowing that the Vice President and others in the line of presidential succession are inside.

      1. Did you not see how the door was barricaded? Do you really think that anyone would have made it through those doors? How is it possible that the officer felt anyone was going to get inside the building let alone injure someone? He lost his cool!

        1. Did you not see she was on her way through the window? She was breaching. Also, these doors are already INSIDE the capitol, they are interior doors. So, “how is it possible the officer felt anyone was going to get inside the building” is answered as they are already inside the building.

          1. Of course she was going to crawl through a window in the door and over the chair barricade to face an armed officer all while fending off the three uniformed police officers coming behind her on the stairs. Good luck with that explanation. The guy lost his cool. Seems like there were several other people in the hallway who did not seem overly concerned. Never should have happened.

          2. shooting to stop an unarmed threat is one thing…shoot to kill is another….additionally, there were undercover individuals dressed as patriots to obtain laptops….we can speculate all day long and will never know the truth…the chanting to hang pence took place outside the capital building not inside ….there is a complete copy of the video on rumble.com…i suggest you watch it entirely….

            1. There is absolutely video of the chant inside the capital building! I suggest you watch some real news and not your social media.

            2. As usual Steelhead you really need to read the comment more carefully before you start commenting.

            3. Here you go Sam, Not my words but that of the webmaster. The chanting to hang Pence took place outside the capital building not inside

            4. You will be kind enough to reveal the video that you insist you can produce. I have listened to this video at least a dozen or more times and hear no chanting of any kind. I have watched and listened to two other versions of this incident and have likewise come up empty on the chanting. Granted the Capital Building was entered in three separate places, and it may be possible to hear chanting inside the building on video of those other incursions. I have yet to find any video of chanting inside the building at this point. Social media is not my thing and as to the “real” news you refer to, I’m not sure that is a real thing anymore.

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