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By Donna Westfall – December 12, 2018 –

China is credited with the theory and practice of acupuncture going back 6,000 years BC before needles were even invented.  Instead sharpened stones and bones were used.  The philosophy behind acupuncture is called “Qi” pronounced “chee.”  This belief is that there is energy in everything.

The energy force in our bodies is essential for all life activities; spiritual, emotional, mental and physical included.  Most every body has the innate ability to make itself well. When the body is in pain, the insertion of very fine needles at specific locations throughout the body facilitates the flow the Qi.

The first question most people ask, “Will it hurt?” In most cases the answer is, “No” because the size of the needles are much thinner than needles used for blood draws or shots and they don’t puncture the skin as far. In addition, trained acupuncturists learn to deftly tap in the needles so that it is hardly noticed.

Local acupuncturist, Jody Mangum, has been practicing since 2000. A typical treatment has several steps.  First, she takes notes on the areas of health concerns you want to address.  Then, either lying on your front, back or side, she will insert a number of needles.  This takes just a few minutes.  Then, you rest in place with needles inserted for about 20 minutes. It’s not uncommon to fall asleep on the table.

Some people find relief immediately.  Many feel tired and will need to rest after the treatment, but usually by the third day, feel even better.  Response to care varies, and clean eating and being hydrated definitely help.

Although most people initially turn to acupuncture as a last resort when chronic pain is involved, those who practice more holistic health measures utilize acupuncture to maintain good health which I have done over the last 10 years.

Jody Mangum is licensed by the State of California and the State of Oregon.  You can call her at The Wellness Center at 707 487-4444 for a free phone consultation with any of your health concerns. The Wellness Center is located at 625 F Street, Suite A,  in Crescent City.  Her hours are 9 am to 5 pm; Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. She also has an office in Brookings where she practices on Wednesday.

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