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By Dan Schultz – July 19, 2022

Off-Grid Organic Permaculture Farm in the Siskiyou Mountains

We’re 5 miles deep into the national forest. Mountainous, densely forested terrain, running a successful, completely self-sufficient/sustainable farm with cabin rentals economy, too.

Tasks include general animal care, feeding, cleaning, goat milking, gardening, hosting airbnb guests

Trading work from 8:00am to 12:00 seven days a week (28 hours)
for your own cabin, all your food plus $50 a week
That’s one option

But this is flexible. I just need some help. Especially Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday.
I suppose we could craft a job where you didn’t live here and just came in Tues-Thurs
I’m just looking for the right person, who wants to live and work this way

Please read over our entire web site.
We have an agreement here for NO Smoking of any kind or chemical dependencies

There is an application for visitor/member to complete on our web site.
PLEASE complete that first
After a completed application, we can have a phone conversation. – (707) 954-7743

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