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By Donna Westfall – October 27, 2017 – Crescent City Times’ policy for the last five years has been pretty tolerant of other’s opinions and comments. Sometimes we will correct spelling, punctuation and grammar. Occasionally we will delete or replace swear words that add nothing to the content of the message.

This past week, though, we have trashed several comments for their crass, hateful or unspecified threats.

One that has been trashed and caused a police report was from also calling itself the “Black Widow.”  Their IP address is 173 135 79 250. If anyone knows who that is, please let us know.

Another one was from Linda Sutter.

Now, Linda has written opinion pieces for this publication over the years and has also done some fine investigative reporting. However, recently she apologized for her piece when  implying the Oxford House Sequoia was a State funded whorehouse. And we apologize for publishing that title.

But, a recent comment made by Linda Sutter regarding the Ranger case had to be taken down because of false or defamatory statements or both.

Since the local newspaper, the Triplicate has a policy of banning a whole slew of people from their publication from having their Letters to Editor published to opinion pieces, we wanted to have a policy that was more inclusive in contrast to the Triplicate.

We have now drawn our line in the sand.





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