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By Samuel Strait, Reporter at Large – April 12, 2021

After over a year of nothing but Pandemic, Pandemic, do we know any more
than what we are being told?  Seems to me, but what do I know, that the
same song is being played over and over again with very little to show
for it.  I would think that the inquiring public would begin to ask some
serious questions about all of the seeming contradictory messaging
around Covid-19.  The silence is deafening, as such I propose to ask a
few questions to my public and see if some clear and concise message is
forth coming.

We have been told for a solid year that wearing masks, social
distancing, washing your hands, and no unnecessary trips away from home
would slow the spread of the virus and once a vaccine was in place the
virus would be defeated.  We are now learning that even if you risk
vaccination, the length you are protected from the severe effects of the
virus is limited, and it may not protect you from infection.  We also
have learned that there is a small percentage of vaccinated people that
experience major to life threatening experiences.  It has been played
off as minor, the negative effects, but how do they measure up to the
small percentage of folks that have negative effects from being infected
by the virus in the first place?

I understand that John Hopkins and the CDC are keeping score, but how
many people have actually succumbed to Covid-19 alone?  Is the report
from the CDC that only six percent of all those that have died are
solely from the virus?  Is it correct that those sixty five years and
older have not died in any greater numbers than pre-virus?  Has the over
all death toll for 2020 declined by nearly 300,000?  Is the mortality
rate for actual deaths from the virus less than that of the Common Flu? 
Is the virus as deadly as we have been led to believe?

If one is to look at the quality of testing for the virus, you will find
that the PCR test is the “Gold Standard” of testing, but is it?  Recent
testing of 1500 positive results for Covid-19 in Brazil revealed that
the virus detected was that of influenza rather than Covid.  The method
of testing was the “Gold Standard” PCR test.  How accurate are PCR tests
when according to the CDC nearly seventy percent of those testing
positive for Covid-19 are asymptomatic, and have no obvious symptoms
associated with the virus?  Are those who have tested actually
infected?  The man who developed PCR testing stated before the Pandemic
that the PCR test was not meant to detect viruses, is that true?   Can
we trust that the numbers of positive tests are in fact what they say
they reveal?

There seems to be a lot of things about this virus that even the
“experts” seem to have great difficulty explaining when measured against
what seems to be happening in the world of Covid around us.  Much of
what we are being told by the “experts” seem to shift as circumstances
and information is revealed.  Over the past year, these and many other
questions have been put to those that have considerable expertise in
medicine without much in the way of explanation.  Many states have
relaxed the mandates that have been in place with mixed results, but
strict adherence to masking, social distancing, washing hands, and
staying at home do not seem to be measuring up to the insistence that it
must continue with no end in sight.  If it was to have some measure of
success, where is it?

We now are at the point where vaccinations have ramped up, and most that
wish to be vaccinated can do so.   While the numbers of those that are
vaccinated increase and the reported numbers of those that have survived
infection, will we see a decline in the number of positive tests?  Will
the experience of past viruses mirror our current experience with Covid,
where it tapers off in the Spring only to reemerge in the Fall?  Will
the current vaccines that appear to work for the most part be successful
with the new variants of Covid-19 that have already appeared?

The questions are endless, but until they are asked, how will we know
whether or not we are being told the truth?  Thus far the “experts” have
not really given us a consistent message about the virus, only what they
think we must do to “keep us safe”.  Do we really need saving?

3 thoughts on “After a Year of Pandemic. What’s Up?”
  1. It is interesting that when this began the rallying cry was “15 days to slow the spread”. Perhaps they meant 15 years.

    1. It seems that once you choose to be vaccinated, nothing really changes. You still have to wear a mask, social distance, wash your hands, and refrain from leaving your house. It does not protect you from becoming infected by the virus, so what is the point in taking the risk of being injected with an experimental drug that can have a higher percentage of negative outcomes than the virus itself? Another in a long list of questions for those that have turned what appears to have become a common ordinary virus, and not that of the end of the human race type.

      1. Indeed. The lyrics of the Buffalo Springfield song “For What It’s worth” are apt” “Something’s happening here and it ain’t exactly clear. It starts where you’re always afraid, step out of line and they come and take you away.”

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