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By Donna Westfall – April 26, 2018 – Years ago, when Kathryn Murray sat as Mayor on the Crescent City, City Council, she made a statement to those not liking an increase in their water/sewer rates. And it went like this; “If you don’t like it, you can always move out of the area.”

“You guys just did not bring it. The support and applause was for the Values Act. If you believe in something, show up. Or just move to Idaho, they have you covered. Never thought I would have the chance to tell conservatives what they often tell me. Don’t like it, move to a more conservative state like Idaho or Saudi Arabia.” This was from Mel.

“Many of us have already bought homes outside the state, and are readying to move. We are thankful for the uninformed who buy real-estate here in California, and specifically Del Norte county. In the next few years, liberals will get to feel the full force of their incompetence – as productive citizens (some call the Conservatives) will be too few to support the lay-about tax guzzling Democrats. Watching from afar as the state, county, and city implode will be comforting.” This was from Paradise Lost.

“Mel, you entirely missed the point of the exercise. It was to flush out the people who sit on the board and have done nothing but make excuses and sit on their hands. Nothing clearer when the vote was taken. Supervisors Cowan, Hemmingsen, and Howard just occupy space on the board. They show absolutely zero leadership and are a detriment to the welfare of the citizens of the County.

The progressive and liberal agitators that spoke up for SB 54 need to be asked if they would like an illegal alien to murder some one in the County before something of the potential threat that exists in California and our County penetrates the closed minds that were on display. If you think that our Sheriff’s Office has a real understanding of what exists in the illegal alien community in Del Norte County, or what could show up on any given day, I have a bridge to sell you.

As far as the supporters for the California Values Act that chose to show up, they were ill informed, rude and irrelevant, not to mention childish and immature. The pastor and her sycophants should be a huge embarrassment to her flock. Others that spoke in support of SB 54 really need to check their facts before trotting out some of the easily disproven Democratic talking points.

Illegal aliens particularly those that commit serious crimes are a huge problem in California. They are responsible for a disproportionate amount of crime in the State and are an enormous cost to the taxpayers.

Illegal aliens in general cost the taxpayers in the State over $150 billion dollars per year and climbing when considering just a portion of the direct and identifiable costs. They contribute a measly $15 billion in taxes as an off set for a net loss of $135 billion.

If this issue was anything but a political attempt by the State legislature to cater to its base, then there would be some effort by that same legislature to solve California’s illegal immigration invasion. The supporters of SB 54 should be aware that the current California legislature NEEDS the problem of illegal immigration to continue to be a problem in order to distract from the other destructive things they have done over the last few years. As long as the progressives maintain control of the State’s government things will only get worse until California becomes a pariah for all responsible citizens that remain.

California’s current financial bubble for the State’s government will only get worse and raising taxes will become increasingly difficult for a wide range of reasons. Currently ten percent of California’s population receives a State pension.

Unless Californians in general wake up to the fact that the progressive left in the State house is selling out the citizenry, California is in for a bleak future. The people that were in the supervisor’s chamber supporting SB54 are living in a fantasy world and are likely to be the first recipients of the California debacle when it occurs.

Fair warning.

Supervisors Hemmingsen and Howard are up for re-election in June and are and continue to be a huge negative as leaders and representatives for this County. While electing someone new is always a risky proposition, Del Norte County cannot afford to go four more years of lackluster leadership. We need a change in direction and some positive growth to occur. Re-electing Chris Howard and Gerry Hemmingsen will not change our direction and we will continue to wait for things to change.” This was from Samuel Strait.

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