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If we had a place to recycle used clothing, here are some of the things they could be used for instead of burying hundreds of thousands of pounds into the landfill each year.

In Chandler, Arizona a company called Bonded Logic manufacturers insulation from used jeans.

Importers in China, Taiwan, Korea and Africa purchase used clothing to be remade into a variety of things.

Make them into rags and sell to the big box companies like Home Depot.

Create a manufacturing company to re-purpose used cotton clothing back to raw materials.

Gift fabric to quilters.

There are probably thousands of ideas but in our area we only need 1 or 2 to create an industry and put people to work.

A tenant dropped by to chat the other day and said, “This city would be perfect for a lot more second hand stores.”  Now that you mentioned it, I’ve been helping a friend clean out her garage after the yard sale.  This is what I’ve learned:

Sac’s Thrift Avenue on 9th Street, does not take donations except from non-profits.  Whatever they don’t sell, they ship to Africa.

Purple Cat down by the Harbor will take one large bag of clothing a week.  Some shoes, mostly tennis shoes.

Ray’s Market will take shoes.  There is a blue trash bin unmarked next to the propane tanks outside the store.

Jordan Recovery on Jordan Street will take men’s clothing, slacks, jeans, shirts, sweaters and shoes.

Daily Bread Ministries on Harold Street will take 1 bag of clothing a week and VHS tapes.  They are in need of sleeping bags, coats and food items.

St. Vincent de Paul on Parkway will take about 5 or 6 bags of clothing, shoes and VHS tapes.

Radio station KCRE/KPOD on Northcrest is currently accepting coats for the winter coat drive.

Maybe This 2 on Northcrest  will take clean, unstained clothes that they can resell for $2 or less, or give away free.

My Best Friends Closet on 9th Street will take women’s clothing that is in excellent shape and stylish.




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